Monday, January 26, 2009

Silk Kerchief

As you may or may not know, Biko and Sam are sleeping in my bedroom. Last night, when DS David (who's a night owl, and we see each other only with overlapping hours) came to take them outside (I really don't care for 4:30AM potty trips, even though I get my fair share of it), he said, it smelled like pop corn in my room. I was surprised, and worried at the same time. He really should go check out his sense of smell some time, since both dogs were afflicted with the worst case of flatulence!

Loud "Pffffffft" sounds were followed by, (Biko) a sigh of relieve, and (Sam) jumping up in horror, and looking for a safe place. Poor guy really didn't think he could escape his own bum, did he now? Breathing under the blanket is no substitution for fresh air, believe me, I know.

What has that got to do with knitting?

Something else I've noticed lately, and this is something sweet, my dog faced kids (thanks Marianne) wag their tails, when they hear my voice. So what? They are happy to see, smell, and hear me. I find myself (not exactly wagging my tail, I would if I could), but smile from ear to ear, when my DH Karl calls. Hearing HIS voice makes my day. Still wondering what this has got to do with knitting?

Well, on the side of the bed, were Karl normally sleeps, there's currently a scarf blocking. Yes, I've replaced him with cuddly hand knit items (wouldn't you?). Honey, I promise, I will remove the pins (with a magnet if need be), and try and find them ALL.

My creation

pattern: Silk Kerchief by Kate Gagnon of zeitgeist yarns,

yarn: Fiddlesticks Country Silk "Demi" in soft blue and copper, 50% silk, 30% wool, 20% nylon (forever in my stash), each 125g/400m. I don't like the smell of silk, or silk/wool blends. The yarn felt kind of rough at first, but the knit fabric, after washing, got a little softer, and it has a nice feel to it now.

needle: 4mm circ (from my new addi click set, thank you David)

size after blocking: 28" x 65"

This was a fun knit. I've added a border, which is not in the original pattern. Kirsten inspired me to add one, when I saw her gorgeous silk kerchief.

You'll find the stitch pattern for the border in Nicky Epstein's book "knitting on the edge" page 143. I've worn it like a scarf already, and I love it. If there weren't so many thing's I'd like to knit, I'd knit another one, and maybe more.
Damn right, it smelled like pop corn!

edited later:
PS look here - this photo reminded me of my shawl. :o)


Kirsten said...

The shawl is really beautiful! I love the combination of the orange and blue.

lexa said...

I know my two mutts have been gassy lately, and they're deadly! Talk about a blue haze!

Love the shawl, nice color combination. :)

Päivi, Lankakomero said...

Stylish colour combination!

Anonymous said...

What a good laugh for a Monday morning - our three dogs sleep in our room - and luckily its a big room (with lots of air space!)
Beautiful scarf, and sweet sentiments to your husband (and your knitted items).

Dreams of Yarn said...

What a great looking scarf! and a nice chuckle was had about the dogs too!!! LOL

Claudia Bugh said...

Perfect sized kerchief if you ask me! This size scarf gets by far the most use by me. You used lovely neutral colors too :)

That picture of Sam cracks me up. We have similar issues around here on occasion - LOL

Anonymous said...

Lovely scarf and a hilarious post. You are not alone. Milo has gas like you wouldn't believe. Every time he sits down, out it comes. But, we love them anyway, don't we?

Anonymous said...

The shawl is very beautiful and you were not kidding when you aptly named your blog "Smoking Hot Needles". Since your brief break, I can barely keep up reading the pics and patterns which I enjoy so much!

And hi to the "fuzzy, four-legged" kids!

Take Care!

Anonymous said...

That's a really beautiful shawl. And dogs make the funniest noises and smells sometimes. It's a good thing they're cute and snuggly.

Angelika said...

Dogs can be so funny (until they start chewing on my favorite quilt, grrr). I can't blame you for placing something you love in bed with you. Somehow you have to fill that spot for a while. Just make sure you use that magnet and not forget any of the pins. That would be painful. :)
Love the shawls, btw.

picperfic said...

I love your kerchief! Silk does have an odd smell but not at all like popcorn eh? Parp!

Strickfimmel said...

Ich habe schon am frühen Morgen über die Doggies schlapp gelacht. Ich kann mir das alles sehr gzt vorstellen! Irgenwie kenne ich das, woher bloß?!
Der shawl sieht toll aus. Super Farbkombination. Und der Vergleich mit den Stuhlreihen ist schon sehr markant. Schickes Teil!

Marianne said...

Heh, I think everyone with dog faced kids and/or kitty faced kids have 'been there'.
It's always good to hear from the ones we love most :^)
LOVE the shawl, that size is also my favourite. LOVE the colours you chose, happy and fresh colours, well knit!

Knatolee said...

OH my, the dreaded farting dog syndrome!! I feel your pain. Good thing they're so cute, eh? And the knitting is, as always, beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

The shawl is gorgeous! You have such a talent for combining colors!

Kathleen said...

Lovely shawl. It does look like the stadium.

Anonymous said...

How very beautiful this scarf is!!

I love the funny stories about your dogs.

GoldenTracks said...

Beautiful scarf. Your photos are really artistic, too.
Our goldens are not allowed on our bed but have started sneaking up there in the middle of the night...note to self- be careful what they eat. :-)

hakucho said...

Gorgeous! Love the two colors knit together like that!

Anonymous said...

I really love the color combo - something I wouldn't have tried on my own. (For a painter I think I'm a bit of a color dunce! LOL!) It just says "Touch me! Love me!"