Wednesday, January 21, 2009

FO's - 2

Yesterday morning, I paused, when I saw this sight, out of my bathroom window. I love to see the sun coming up. See the moon as little fleck there? The day before, I was afraid one of the icicles would land on my head, while I was clearing the balcony of a ton of snow. They dripped ice cold drops on my head instead. Lets just say, you could see me swinging the shovel like in fast forward, snow flying over my shoulder. With the temperatures we are having, I don't have to worry about the icicles anyway. I was pretty grateful to be in a warm house, about to take a shower, when it's -20C outside. It seems this year's motto for me turns out to "be grateful". It's incredible how many things I can think of, to be grateful for.

Like knitting this shawl! I'm so happy that Paivi thought of me, and let me have the pattern for this beautiful shawl. She's the one doing a free Vernal Equinox Surprise Shawl KAL, by the way. Clue 2 is already out. I'm a little behind, just got the yarn yesterday, but I'll catch up today.

Anyway, I loved knitting every stitch of this shawl!
pattern: Terttu shawl II by Lankakomero/Paivi

yarn: Knit Picks Gloss, 70% merino/30% silk, 3.5 skeins ~ 770yds

needles: 3.75mm circulars

size after blocking: 43" x 75"

for: a friend of my moms

One day I'd like to make this shawl again, and I want to have a black shawl for myself. It was hard letting it go.

Bea is another lovely Lady, who gave me her V-striped sock pattern to knit. And how did I repay her for her kindness? I made only one sock! I totally loved her design, it's good looking, but for some reason, the steam was out, and I could not bring myself to knit the second one. Totally only my fault, I like all her designs! I let the one sock sit around, and cry a little for it's brother, but it didn't help. Come January, I decided, either rip it or knit another sock, for gods sake! Well, I knit a sock. I even started out with a stitch pattern after the cuff, but after the third repeat I just wanted the sock to be done! I'm still not feeling the sock knitting love right now, so I don't knit them for a while. (That feeling can change at any moment, I'm like that.)

pattern: V-striped socks (totally lovely, see for yourself) by Bea

yarn: Spritely Goods, limited edition, fey merino, color: pewter (love this color and yarn)

needles: 2mm DP

for: myself

Lets not forget this little swiffer cover. It's not glamorous, but it does it's work very well. I wanted to use up some cotton I have so much of, just the left overs from other projects alone! I thought I'd make several of them, but first wanted to see how it works. I made it way too big, but I thought kitchen cotton always shrinks so much after the first wash, not this one, not enough anyway. I had to rip out 1/4 of the whole thing, but in the end it fit, like a slipper. I might want to make more, it works well, and I don't like using the throw away stuff, which you can buy for this tool.
There are many swiffer cover patterns out there, best look for it on ravelry, or just knit it, like I did.
I amused myself yesterday afternoon, and you surely think I'm weird. But I thought it was hilarious, to eat cherries (in January!), and drink Kukicha tea at the same time. What a combination! I thought it was funny, and daring (and delicious). ;o)


TracyKM said...

The shawl is gorgeous!
I was a little confused by the shows you being way up north in NWT/Nunavut. Is that where the book is heading, or did you move?

Anonymous said...

TOLL! Das Tuch und die Socken - ich komme aus der Begeisterung garnicht mehr raus.
Beides gleich abgespeichert!!

LG Heike

Yarn Devil said...

Love the shawl! The socks are very cool! Kinda showcases the patterned one to have a plain one with it! :)

Kathleen said...

lol, I have been knitting a pair of socks since after Christmas. I have one sock to the gusset. I got the yarn as a gift and am not liking it, the pattern came along with the yarn in my loopy groopy package. I will knit anything but those socks. I now have afghans, scarves, mitts, and slippers.
Your taste buds seem fine with me. The other night husband wanted chocolate, the only thing we had was saltine crackers and Chocolate icing leftover from girl child's birthday cake.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

So many goodies in this post! Your swift cover really appeals because I have lots of floors that need constant sweeping!

Your grey socks are quite unique ~ quite artistic to wear them that way - LOL

Cherries in the Winter and cups of tea! That and lots more to be grateful for!

Angelika said...

The shawl is gorgeous and the black looks really nice. Next time you knit it for yourself, how about adding some beads in the black scarf?

hakucho said...

Your shawl is gorgeous. I can see why you want to make one for yourself.

The blanket under your socks is beautiful...very nice :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the swiffer cover review. I've been thinking about making one, but haven't because I didn't know how well it would work. Now it's on my list!

That's a gorgeous sunrise photo. Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

The shawl is very beautiful, but I love the crocheted blanket too!! The Christmas cherries here are very late this year, the weather has not been kind to cherries.

Strickfimmel said...

Der Shawl sieht super aus, ebenso die Socken. Konnte gar nicht glauben, dass so schönes Shawlmuster free ist. Habe mir Clue 1 und 2 gleich ausgedruckt.

bockstark.knits said...

ooooh, gorgeous shawl! and a swiffer cover? i never seen one before, i need to make one of those!

sgeddes said...

The shawl is beautiful of course!
I like the idea of a swiffer cover; I might try that one out.
Those socks came out great too. You've been a very busy knitter.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - the shawl is gorgeous!!
I can't believe you are able to give it away...what a generous knitter you are!

Anonymous said...

As always, your lace shawl leaves me breathless!! I've just GOT to get a fairy blood transfusion!! LOL!!
I really really love that v-stripe sock pattern! I wouldn't have thought of using a color like grey but now that I see yours, it's marvelous!!
You found cherries??? In January??? You must know the fairies!!