Monday, October 23, 2006

Hit the jackpot?

I've never hit the jackpot, but I think that must be the feeling I've got right now. A while back I've ordered some back issues from Knitter's Magazine and came across this title page. Unfortunately they were all sold out - of course.
Usually you can find pretty much everything on ebay, but not this time. Then I discovered a feature on eBay, which lets you ask for something and if you are lucky somebody responds to it.
Well, I was lucky. Somebody sold me this issue. I'm so happy, because this is a commemorative issue for Elizabeth Zimmermann. She died in 1999 and this issue came out in Spring 2000.
I also like almost all the projects in it and that is something, which does not happen very often.
As you can see from the title page, there's lots of multidirectional knitting going on. I love it!


Anonymous said...

I love looking at her kind face - you DID hit the jackpot!! What an interesting fun issue that will be.
As for the Traveler's Stockings they are so SLOW on the 2mm needles - so it's going to be awhile....I'm still on the leg, but getting close to the heel.

Tracy Purtscher said...

SCORE!!!!! This is great!! I didn't even know it exisited. Now I'm on the hunt! :-)

Abigale said...

That is a great issue of Knitters - maybe even my favorite... I might even have 2.. I'll check when I get home and let Tracy know if I do.

I remember when it came out, I was still living in England - I got one from a friend in the States, and then found it at Borders as well.

Have fun with it - let me know if you're planning on making anything out of it - maybe we could have our own little KAL together?


Karen said...

The Force must have been with you! Wow! My jealousy knows no bounds.

Karen said...

Lucky you! I had a chance to read that issue once (the pblic library hear still has it!) and felt blessed indeed. Just keep unventing!

Martina said...

Wasn't she a beautiful woman? You lucky gal!

Nonna Rose said...

WOW! How awesome for you. I'm new at EZ and am working on my first sweater using her method. What an incredible woman, and how wonderful to be sharing her ideas and patterns.

Anonymous said...

It's a great issue, isn't it? I promised my mom one of the directional jackets, way back when it came out. Whoops.

Kathy in DC said...

You ARE super-lucky. Your search paid off! That's a great find. Haven't I seen your sweet shepards on Dogster? I think I recognize their picture. We've got a dobe, "Emma". I'm really new to knitting--but love it. Emma says HI to your pups. Your knitting looks great!