Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hex socks!

It has been  brought to my attention, that I haven't written a new blog post in a while. It hasn't been THAT long!

I've managed to finish the Hex socks, I'm happy to say. Boy, those little buggers gave me some trouble. You would have thought they were my very first pair of socks, I've knit!

Hex socks made with Wandering Cat Yarns Alley Cat BFL-English Toffee-

Since many of you thought I should use English Toffee to knit this pattern, I happy grabbed it and went to work. I think it looks quite lovely.

Hex socks made with Wandering Cat Yarns Alley Cat BFL-English Toffee-

pattern: Hex by Cookie A. (gifted to me by Wandering Cat Yarns)

yarn: Wandering Cat Yarns Alley Cat BFL-colorway English Toffee

needles: 2.25mm

I will definitely knit this pattern again. It's easy to knit, if your mind is not somewhere else. I had trouble with the stitch count, and that there were not the same amount of stitches on each needle (I plainly forgot that I had 70 stitches on my needles, instead of the 64 or 60 I ususally have). So the heel/flap/turn came out a little wonky on the first sock, which I only realized knitting the second sock, where I was more focused. Doesn't matter though, they fit, and I love them.


momsue84 said...

Love these socks!! Beautiful color, too. I'm going to purchase the pattern right now!

Cassy said...

Fantastic color! I'm more than a little addicted to making things in a golden/mustard color lately.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Wow! You knit those fast!
They look fantastic!

Herta Haunschmid /quer durchs leben said...

Monika, so ein schönes Muster und die Farbe ist voll schön so richtig frühlingshaft.

Liebe Grüße aus dem verschneiten Mühlviertel

CelticCastOn said...

They are beautiful! My skein should be here at the end of the week! SQUEE!!

Sharon said...

Your new socks are beautiful! I've done Cookie A socks before, and you're right about having to focus, Love your socks!

lexa said...

They look great!

2paw said...

That colour is perfect for your socks, it looks like honeycomb. I can't see any wonkiness at all!!! They're lovely.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS socks Monika! i love them!

Virginia G said...

Cute socks!

Rose said...

They really are lovely!