Friday, January 04, 2013

Handspun Friday - FCK Greek Myths - Persephone

I'm waiting for the fourth, and last installment of FatCatKnits fiber club, whith the theme "Greek Myths". Meanwhile I've spun up "Persephone". Here's Ginny's interpretation : Rechoice & Despair, 5oz each, 85% Polwarth 15% Tussah Silk.

FCK-Greek Myths-fiber club-October 2012-Persephone-Despair & Rechoice-5oz each-80-15Polwarth-Tussah Silk

I hand carded 4oz of each colorway, and made these rolags.

FCK-Greek Myths-fiber club-October 2012-Persephone-Rechoice-4oz-80-15Polwarth-Tussah Silk-hand carded-1

FCK-Greek Myths-fiber club-October 2012-Persephone-Despair-4oz-80-15Polwarth-Tussah Silk-hand carded-2

Rechoice: chain plied, ~ 177yds

FCK-Greek Myths-fiber club-October 2012-Persephone-Rechoice-4oz-80-15Polwarth-Tussah Silk-hand carded-chain plied-177yds

Despair: chain plied, ~ 172yds

FCK-Greek Myths-fiber club-October 2012-Persephone-Despair-4oz-80-15Polwarth-Tussah Silk-hand carded-chain plied-172yds

Then I wanted to do another experiment, and spun the last ounce of each colorway, and made 2-ply, which I wanted to chain ply as last step, but I spun it in the wrong direction, and that's what I've got. A big mess.

FCK-Greek Myths-fiber club-October 2012-Persephone-Rechoice & Despair-80-15Polwarth-Tussah Silk-messed up yarn

I think it would have looked lovely as finished yarn. I think it was also the first time I've spun yarn in the wrong direction. Boy did I feel like a fool!

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San @ Made in Hem said...

I'm really, really sorry for you but I love to see the result of spinning the wrong way. I had no idea there was a right and wrong way to spin! I know, I'm not a spinner... yet! This year I really want to master the Art and I am looking around for a workshop or something. Until then I read anything and everything I can, so thanks for sharing! ♥

Anonymous said...

Love the colors and yarn, and really enjoy your posts and puppies! And yes, I've plyed in the wrong last twice that I'll admit to! The second time was after a class with Patsy Z, where she had reminded us (more than once) that we could put it back on the wheel and "fix" it if we didn't like the result after plying. I wound it into a ball (fiddly with the super-energized yarn) and ran it back thru in the opposite direction. I was quite happy with the result. I did try telling myself it was "art" yarn and surely I could do something with it, until my husband reminded me what Patsy Z had said--he really pays attention to my fiber chatting!

Linda said...

Looks like a fun variety yarn, to my non-spinner's eye.

Diana said...

I love pictures of rolags :-)) Beautiful colors and gorgeous yarn :-)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I wouldn't call it a mess - it's a fibre sculpture now! A little work of art!

Carrie#K said...

Fiber Art! The colors are gorgeous.

Sharon said...

Your new yarn looks delicious! Do you have plans for the yarn?

The last time I plied in the wrong direction, the knitting gods stopped me before I got too far - thank goodness! At least you goofed with the leftovers and all was not lost.

Walden said...

Love how you did both yarns, they are quite lovely. I agree, plied together it looks really good, even if it didn't quite turn out.

Beverly said...

Both yarns turned out lovely! Too bad about the mistake, but I agree that it could now be fiber sculpture! I just got my first spindle and roving today and jumped right in! I aspire to eventually be half as good as you are. Your handspan is always gorgeous.