Sunday, January 13, 2013


There is nothing more depressing for me than to wake up to the sound of roaring rain pounding on the roof in January, when it should be snow falling lightly, silently.

January 13 - RAIN

Our back yard is under water again, and so is the front yard. It was a struggle, to get my three four legged friends to do their business, and in the end I was as wet as they were, and as grumpy.

January 13 - RAIN

I remember, when we first got here, Winter were really, really cold. One day in January many years ago, I went shopping. When I came back to the car it would not start, because it was -21C! Today, we have +10C. I feel so cheated, because I really hate the hot weather during summer time, when it's too hot to breathe. I can only get through it thinking of the lovely Winter to come, with lots of snow for us to play in, but NOoooo, that would be too much to ask.

So, the best we can do inthis weather is this: curl up, and sleep the day away (well, not for me, unfortunately)


December 27-Happy & Maggie

December 27-Happy & Maggie

I envy them! I have to deal with a leaking washing machine, and a broken handle on my bedroom window. I'm waiting for the third shoe to drop, since these things happen always in three's.

When I'm done feeling sorry for myself, I'm going to finish a test knit for Alexandra.  It's a cowl, for which I'm using stash yarn. Some Noro Silk Garden, and Patons Classic Wool Merino. It's coming along nicely. I think Alexandra picked the most perfect yarn/colors for it possible.

Corral & Sea cowl - test knit

O.K. I hope I haven't put you in a bad mood too! Have a lovely Sunday!


Lorraine said...

Monika- I feel the same- cheated. I love the snow.

So, it will be cold again tomorrow, so that means ICE.

Walden said...

Oh, we are so the opposite in that regard, being from Washington State, it makes me so happy when it rains here in New York. I am loving this Spring like weather right now!

Zenitude said...

I feel the same way. I'm one of those person that actually loves winter and for the second year in a row I find myself still waiting for it in January! Not fair (as the kids say).
I keep looking at the alpaca's fleece and shake my hard at all the cleaning it will require before I can send it to the mill this year.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I actually enjoyed the sound of the rain - though I do long for a little snow - it's just so dreary out there.!

Love the pup pictures. What blanket is Denny sleeping on? It's lovely!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Monika, It's been so long since I've stopped by and, for that, I apologize. I looked down to see that I was wearing a pair of socks you made for me as part of a sock exchange some years ago and thought it high time I paid a visit.

So glad to see that all is well with your family - including those of the canine persuasion!

Susan said...

It's flippin' cold and snowy here in Sask. The current temperature is -22. It sounds like you need to move to the prairies for the weather you like.

CelticCastOn said...

We are expecting rain tonight :( We still have snow but it was too mushy to take the snowmobile out. BOOOOO!
I'll take lots of snow please.
Love Happy and Maggie all cuddled up together!

Rhonda said...

I love the snaps of the dogs, I too had issues with Lady going out to do her business in the rain.
Too funny, I'm dealing with a leaky washer too. I'm hoping dh will look at it soon, or I'll be buying a new one.

Sharon said...

How could you put us in a bad mood when we all get so much to look at?!

Even the picture of the dripping rain is pretty, and who can resist a smile when you show the pups?

It might be raining over there, but it's all smiles over here. Thanks for sharing and I hope the weather changes to your favor today.

Anonymous said...

Liebe Moni, ich schicke Dir eine handvoll Schnee aus KÖLN - zwar nur 3 cm Neuschnee, aber immerhin !!

Liebe Grüße

LynnIL said...

Very cute dogs! I love their photos!

lexa said...

It was +11C here today and drizzly for most of the day. The forecast for Wednesday is periods of snow. We shall see if it actually amounts to anything. If so it will be what I would call our first "real" snowfall of the season! They've gotten snow all around us, but our community is on the coast, so we have mainly been getting rain or a very slight dusting of snow, not enough to play in or have to shovel.