Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Maggie's sweater!

The last FO of last year (sounds like a long time ago) was a sweater for Maggie. I made an oopsy, because I'm embarrassed to say, I didn't realize that I used the wrong needle size. I used 6.5mm instead of 8mm needles, and it's no wonder the sweater turned out too tight, and too small.

That didn't keep us from stuffing her in it anyway, and Maggie didn't care. She likes wearing things (unlike Denny who's freaking out, even with a tissue on his back).

She's cute, isn't she?

Maggie's sweater

Maggie's sweater

Maggie's sweater

Maggie's sweater

I've used left over yarn from David's blanket. Vanna's Choice Solids. I think I'm going to try it one more time to get a better fitting sweater. I still have left over yarn for this (looks like it's never going to go away).
The pattern is Ozzie's Large Dog Sweater. It could benefit from a once over. There are spelling mistakes, and I would have liked all measurements given in rows, or rounds be in inches or centimeter. Some are but not all. But I like it enough to  try it again, now that I know what's going on.

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Sharon said...

Maggie looks adorable! Maybe she likes her tops tight - like a teenager. :)

Sandra said...

Even it is smaller he/she is cute!!!

Happy New Year!


Fifty-two pairs in 2012 said...

Love the sweater - adn the cute doggie!
Very nice blog. No wonder it's in the top 100!

Lorraine said...

Monika- Take some measurements from Maggie- and customize it. These dog sweater patterns are a bit lacking in detail.

Though red does suit her.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

Oh my goodness... that is AMAZING! I love it! Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year Monika! All the best for 2013.


Walden said...

She is adorable! I haven't the nerve to knit Wookie a sweater yet.

lexa said...

She looks good in red! :)

AdrieneJ said...

I keep meaning to knit Rascal a sweater, but I don't know if he'd appreciate it as much as Maggie does hers. It doesn't look tight at all on her, but I'm sure it was an adventure getting it on her. Nicely done, all the same!

Vaporizers Review Blog said...

Yes she looks great.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I love Maggie and her sweater! Makes me want to put sweaters on the cats!

Mr. Puffy said...

Maggie looks so happy in her sweater! I love how you say you "stuffed" her in it. That would be my approach too. Denny and Simcha are two peas in a pod and there isn't any way Simcha is going to put on a sweater either :)

Agnes said...

She looks so smart in her red sweater!