Thursday, January 24, 2013

Handspun Friday - a day early!

I've made this cowl some time last year. I've been using it several times, since it's gotten so cold.

This photo shows the colors wonderfully (and I just plain like it).

London Fog brioche cowl

I like knitting brioche stitch.It's very stretchy. I can wind the cowl around my neck three times, but then I can't move  my head anymore. It rests like a cabbage head on a plate, but it's toasty warm.
FCK London Fog Brioche Cowl

Brioche stitch has two sides to it, both look interesting to me.
FCK London Fog Brioche Cowl

The pattern for this cowl is from Purl Soho and it's free.

FCK London Fog Brioche Cowl

I used my handspun London Fog (fiber from FatCatKnits), and some handspun I dyed in the color Aqua some time ago (of which I have lots more).

The fiber is Falkland, the yarn is 3-ply.

FatCatKnits-London Fog-Falkland-4oz

FatCatKnits-London Fog-Falkland-3-ply-260yds

I used 2 strands of London Fog, and one strand of Dove (semi solid colorway) to make this 3-ply yarn, that's why it's more on the grey side. I love this colorway, and it's a very popular one of Ginny's.

By the way, speaking of Ginny, and FatCatKnits, she is having a Fund raiser for her new studio. She worked from home for the longest time, and moved her work to a studio recently. There is still time to donate, if you are so inclined until January 26th, at midnight. I love her work, and like to support her. Plus depending on the size of your donation, there are wonderful gift packs to choose from.

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Ruth said...

Oooh, is that delicious! I have some yarn dyed in that weird brown, whatever combo, and was trying to think what to do with it. The aqua is perfect! So I shall dye some up and make a delicious baby outfit.

Paat said...

Wonderful! The yarn and the choosed pattern also! Thanks for the idea:)

2paw said...

I just love the way you combine colours, the aqua and brown is lovely and I like the stripes in the cowl!!

Mary said...

Oooh this is gorgeous!! I love the colors together!