Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The three "G's"

There's not much going on here right now. The weather is cold, and rainy, with a hot sticky day mixed in, just to make us more miserable. The back yard is flooded, the grass is growing like it was infused with extra strong fertilizer. The pups are always dirty after a run around, and I'm hosing them off before coming inside. At least one and a half pups are happy about that. The third hides. Guess who.

So, I thought it's time to have the pups make an appearance again. Here's "Grumpy". He's such a hog, he's managed to carry all three rubber bones at once. It's not the best picture, I was chasing him with the camera to get a good shot, but he thought I was going to take away his toys.

Denny with three chew toys

Maggie is "Googly", one of her eyes is still not quite right. She has good days, and some are very googly. She already listens to her nick name "Googly". Happy was like that too, but he grew out of it. I hope she will too.

And Happy is "Goofy". He makes me laugh. He was playing with a chew toy, burying it in the sofa's folds, and digging it out again. He amused himself quite some time.

goofy Happy

So, yesterday was cold, and rainy again, but we thought it was time to take down the makeshift fence around the pool. I put on my winter boots!

After we cleaned up, we let the dogs out. Happy ran around the pool, and off like nothing had happened. Maggie came outside, running like the fence was still there, very funny! And then I let Denny out, he stopped short, and after assessing the situation, he started wiggling with his whole body, he was just too happy. He ran up to the pool's edge, and sniffed around, wiggling all the while. I think he was most happy about it.

Later they were chasing each other (Happy and Denny), and of course they got hot. Both ran to the steps, and tipped their toes in, just to take them out as quickly. Happy looked at me, and ran to the hose. Apparently the cold water from the hose was preferable to the icy cold water of the pool. Denny hid as soon as I had the hose in my hands.



momsue84 said...

So funny! I love to hear about the pups' antics. Each one has such a fun personality, but, together, they are a hoot!

Michelle said...

Denny worked so hard to get dirty and doesn't want it taken away. He's so funny!

Rhonda said...

They do keep us amused don't they. I think they're way more fun than kids!!!

Claudia Bugh said...

Seeing the pups and hearing about their hijinks makes me laugh! That Denny is something else ;)

CelticCastOn said...

These are my favourite posts!!
Grumpy is good at the hogging game isn't he :)
Poor Mags getting tortured by evil owners hehehe and Happy just Happy and easily amused :)
Group hug!

Carrie#K said...

Maggie is such a cutie pie!

Well, the boys are too.

2paw said...

Oh poor Maggie, fancy knowing her own nickname. Here a googly is a kind of cricket delivery!! Harki could just about fit three tennis balls too.
Denny is very skilled with his three toys in his mouth. He does look bit grumpy. I love the way Happy is holding his mouth, he has a good game there!!
It sounds like lots of fun and games in the garden!!