Friday, May 27, 2011

Handspun Friday - variegated Merino

Some time ago I bought 8oz of variegated Merino fiber from FatCatKnits. This is undyed fiber, and it spun like butter. It makes a difference if the fiber was dyed or not. Good dyers do a gentle job dyeing, and the fiber does not felt, or cling to each other. In any case, it was a pleasure to spin this variegated merino for a change.

FCK-variegated merino combed top-8oz

I did have specific plans for the finished yarn, but the first one, chain plied was too thick for the pattern I wanted to use it for. The following is chain plied yarn, 289yds.
FCK-variegated merino
Then I thought I'm doing a 2-ply yarn, which turned out a smidgen thinner, 414yds. I love the variegation in the finished yarn.

FCK-variegated merino
Here you can see them side by side. The left one is chain plied, the right one is the 2-ply. From the looks, I prefer the chain plied one, but both will have their purpose.

FCK-variegated merino

I was thinking of using the 2-ply to go with my Mimosa yarns, to knit a Daybreak by Stephen West. Although Mimosa is a chain plied yarn, the weight of both are close enough to use them together.

FatCatKnits Magnolia, and variegated merino hand spun yarn

Thanks for all the B-day wishes for Happy. He had a great day yesterday. Regardless of the bad weather he went swimming several times. He likes it the most, and it's hard to keep him from jumping in.
He also got to lick the bowl from the cookie dough, and he got to lick the peanut butter container. After all that he got a cookie just for himself, no sharing required. We had a lovely walk, just the two of us, I generally tried to spend more time with him, to give him more attention, which he obviously enjoyed very much.



Mr. Puffy said...

What a fun and special day for Happy! He's so good natured I bet he didn't even let any of the spoiling go to his head ;)

That combo of yarn is drop dead gorgeous and will make a stunning Daybreak ~ enjoy

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous yarn and the fibre picture is almost good enough to eat!!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Happy! Such a sweet boy. The variegated merino looks nice. I have some dyed in my stash that's waiting for a spin.

2paw said...

Those wool colours look just like you, they're lovely!!
How wonderful that happy had such a great birthday, with special extra attention, peanut butter and his very own biscuit!!!