Thursday, May 19, 2011

Air 17C - Water 12C

Denny opened swimming season today. It's a cloudy day, 17Celcius, the water is 12C. I always thought Denny was lazy, because he didn't want to run around like the others, but after he had his first swim of the day, he was like the energizer Bunny and whizzed around the property like a barrel of rum on legs.
He also loves to be chased, and the two Whites obliged him, and gave their best to chase him all over the place.
Once Happy saw how ecstatic Denny was, swimming like a beaver, there was no holding back for him, and he joined in on the fun. Meanwhile Maggie was running circles around the pool, watching them, slipping twice, and falling in the third time. Unfortunately she swam away from the steps, and held on to the edge, where I had to pull her out. There was no way I was going to jump in to teach her the right way out. That's a lesson learned another day, and with my son in the pool. Soon though.

May 19- air 17C water 12C

Of course once out of the water, and rubbed off once, they wanted to be dry at once, as in RIGHT NOW! They rubbed themselves in anything fabric, even into my pants, which I'm wearing, and which are wet now too. But it was a hoot to watch. That also means from now on there will be wet dogs, every day, until October. I see a bubble bath or two coming up soon.

May 19- air 17C water 12C

Wet but happy dogs!



old lady said...

Sounds like they had fun. All should sleep well tonight!!

Michelle said...

Sometimes I wish Nimitz would want to swim. Your pups look so so happy!

Carrie#K said...

Denny looks happy!

Poor Maggie. Didn't her big brothers show her the ropes? Neglecting their doggy duties.

faith76 said...

Lovely photo's , what a nice smile! :) Hope they have lots of happy swims.

Leah x

CelticCastOn said...

hhaha let the swimming begin. It won't be long till Maggie joins in on the fun.
Happy pups

Rhonda said...

At least they went in clean water. Mine ended up in a dirty old ditch at the park. BAD DOG!!!

Susan said...

They sure look like they're enjoying themselves! 12 degrees sounds pretty chilly though.

2paw said...

Look at all those lovely wet pups!!! I am so glad Denny likes a bit of a swim!! Though I am not sure he needs any more energy!! I am sure Maggie will get her pool legs soon. I am glad happy and Maggie (White!!) have teamed up to give Denny a run for his money.
The Labradors do that rubbing themselves everywhere when they are wet too.

illusions said...

Cute three musketeers!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Too funny! Invest in lots of towels!