Monday, May 09, 2011


With time to spare I've gotten Asterope off my needles and in the mail, to arrive on time for Mother's Day. I'm quite happy that it made it from my hands to my mother's shoulders. This is another small shawl by Romi Hill from her ebook 7smallshawls.


The sterling silver pin came with the last pin & lace club, but I was happy to give it to my mom with the shawl.


This is a small shawl with attitude. The lace part needs all the concentration you can muster, especially the last chart. I didn't have a problem knitting it thank god, but from reading the trials and tribulations others had, I was happy that I was done with it, and got away without using life lines, and hair pulling.


I loved that the crochet bind off worked out so well. I was afraid I had either not enough stitches, or too many, but not so. Phew!

I've used the lovely Wandering Cat Yarns Twinkle Cat Gold (by the way, it's 10% off during the month of May with the coupon code WCYMAY10) for this shawl in the colorway Sparkling Rose. Needles were 3.75mm, hook 3mm, and it's 21" x 49". Well, it IS a small shawl, but my mom swears it's just right for her. She likes it the way it is.


We had a lovely weekend. The weather on Sunday was sunny and warmer, 16C, and we could sit on the deck and drink tea, and had Buchteln with Vanilla sauce. Denny was hiding under my chair to get out of direct sunlight. He suffers already, compared to the two White ones, who just close their eyes, and enjoy the warm sun.

Buchteln with Vanilla Sauce

Since Hannah could not be here, she's sent me this lovely cup for Mother's Day. I love cups, and mugs, and bowls. This one's especially interesting.

mug for Mother's Day

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!



momsue84 said...

Love your Asterope, Monika. Such beauty and skill. I, too, have been reading the thread, and it has me worried about tackling this pattern. Glad you had a good Mother's Day. We would give anything to have some sun so Milo could lay on the deck and bask in the warmth. The higher elevations, above 6,000 ft, and getting 1-2 feet of snow!!

faith76 said...

The shawl looks very delicate and pretty. Nice colour too x

Hope you have a lovely sunny week. Leah x :)

Virginia G said...

Gorgeous shawl! I have that one in my queue. I don't seem to be able to concentrate on lace very well at the moment though.

It sounds like you had a great mother's day!

Linda said...

That is just a gorgeous shawl. x

AdrieneJ said...

Gorgeous colour choice!

Claudia Bugh said...

What a gorgeous shawl! Your mother must have been thrilled to bits :) I'm making a shawl for my mother but it will be late but she understands. I simply can not concentrate on lace these days.

Sounds like a perfectly lovely Mother's Day ~

angela said...

Very nice shawl! I'll have to look it up. I need something like a shawl to keep my attention at night. Right now I'm blocking lace for the Counterpane Blouse (which doesn't have sleeves so I wouldn't call it a blouse)...and I don't like waiting for wool to dry. ha ha

Happy Mother's Day!

monica said...

I love that shawl! When you were showing pictures of the cups and saucer I was expecting a Denny nose to show up. :)

CelticCastOn said...

Beautiful shawl, such a pretty colour! I bet your mum has been sporting it already!
Happy "late" Mothers Day :)

Beverly said...

I wasn't sure that I liked this pattern in the e-book but seeing these photos I realize how pretty it really is.

hakucho said...

Your mother's shawl is positively stunning. I'm sure she'll be thrilled with her wonderful gift :)

Michelle said...

The edging on that shawl is very pretty. Poor Denny. Nimitz is already getting extra panty and is avoiding the sun too.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The shawl is beautiful!
(People are going to start thinking we are paying you to be our "spokesknitter") :)

Delusional Knitter said...

Beautiful shawl! Love the color too. Its really lovely. Must have been fun to block!