Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Thing

All of our dogs have their own "thing", which none of the other dogs do. Happy for instance drinks water from the water bowl by pressing his nose against the edge, slurping the water up the side of the bowl. I don't know how he can stay hydrated that way, but he does. When the water level is low, his nose gets all wrinkled up, because of the pressure. He's so weird.


Denny's "thing" is his beautiful play bow, often followed by a jump like a buck or a goat, before they crash their heads together. Unfortunately it's so random, that I have not yet captured it.


Maggie's "thing" is leaning.
March 9-Maggie leaning-2

She loves desk chairs, and when they turn, she just walks with it.
When she was smaller she jumped up on desk chairs in the house, but she's getting too big for that now.
Feb. 18-Maggie sitting in my chair-3
This was very early in the morning, I haven't even turned on all the lights yet, when she jumped up on the chair. At the time this was something I just realized she liked to do, and got a not so great shot of it. I didn't know she would do that again, and again.

Feb. 28-122

This is my basement desk. I have one in my studio, equally cluttered as well.

Feb. 28-125

Feb. 28-129

Do your dogs have their own "things" as well?



Kathy... said...

Sofee has a ritual before she goes to sleep at night. She licks the palm of my hand - constantly for about 10 minutes, and then lays her head down INTO the palm of my hand and goes to sleep. She's done that since she was a wee pup.

Aren't dogs just the most interesting creatures ever. I so enjoy your pooch posts, and videos of course. The one where Happy ran right into you - I made my husband watch that the minute he got home from work, and we laughed out loud --- over and over again! Thanks so much for sharing!!

momsue84 said...

Yes, indeed! Milo does his thing before we curl up to sleep. Once DH and I are in bed, he goes into the guest room and spends 5 minutes or so rearranging the guest bed into his own personal nest. He grunts and groans and really gets down to business. Once it is perfect, he comes back to our bed, we curl up around him, and fall asleep. Would love to know what this means.

Rhonda said...

My not-so-little girl likes to sleep curled up on the footstool. She just barely fits but it's her thing!

Michelle said...

Nimitz definitely has his routines but I can't for the life of me think of anything right now. He was at daycare all day followed by a rally obedience class and we're both exhausted now!

Laurie said...

Wilbur likes to lean on a chair or couch and chew on a toy - guess he gets better leverage that way. He has a ton of funny little rituals that are uniquely him, and they sometimes change or new ones pop up. He has never been a dog who likes to build a "nest", but about a year ago, he started what we call the "Ten o'Clock Dig" where he digs his rug in the living room up into a ball, pushes it to one side, they goes to sleep on the floor. He'll wake up from a sound sleep at 10pm just to do this. So funny...

Wanderingcatstudio said...

My cats have lots of things! I think I'll have to do my own blog post on them :)

Maggie is really losing her puppy looks! She's grown so fast, soon it's going to be hard telling her and Happy apart!

Katherinne McKay said...

I don't know if it's considered a "thing" but Willow will talk when she wants something. She won't bark, but rather kinda make a sound and then will look at someone, then she may spin, lay down and pat the floor, or drag her bottom on the floor (translations: I'm hungry; I'm bored; I need to go potty). She'll also play with her food dish by picking it up and throwing it if I'm not "paying attention to her" lol

2paw said...

Yes, they do all have their things, don't they?? Peri likes to be under her blanket, whether it is 3 or 35 degrees, then she erupts like a hot cyclone of hotness!! Gilly loves to stand with her front feet on the arm of the couch and her feet on the cushion and she wiggle and waggle and be higher than me and then she bumps my wear.

Kathy said...

we don't have dogs, but our cats have their "thing." Sasha periodically rolls her head in a circle and looks behind her. Beckerman will mew and then cock his head to one side and wait to see what you do. He'll also do that when he's investigating something; he looks quite inquisitive.

Kathy said...

Oh, and I saw Rhonda's comment - Beckerman sleeps in my lap every night. I sleep on my back most nights and he crawls up and sleeps with his bottom near my pelvic bone and then stretches out to my knees (he's a long cat). If I sleep on my side for some reason, he walks around the bed because he can't get comfortable. :)

Debi3735 said...

My dogs also each have a thing, one of them includes an office chair.

My Jack Russell rescue mix, likes to sit behind someone with her head on the are of the office chair, when I or my DH are sitting in it. That is the only time she lays that way.

My Beagle mix, like to have me lay on the floor when I come home, and rub and roll and make funny noises with her.
Those seem to be strange things

Wenknitting said...

One day, shortly after we adopted Jake, my Bouvador rescue (that's a Bouvier/Lab mutt), stopped in front of me on the stairs. I leaned over and wrapped my arms around him for a good love and scratch. Since then, whenever he sees me headed towards the stairs he runs in front of me and stops blocking my way until I lean over and give him his due. It doesn't matter what is in my hands--coffee, laundry or knitting. No wonder I have so many coffee spills on the rug just there.

Cecilia said...

my big, tough, all-black, gimlet-eyed GSD has a red kong ball that he will hold in his mouth while laying, sitting, running and chew chew chew - the guy has amazing jaws!

CelticCastOn said...

How did Maggie Moo get so big??? crazy!!! I'd have to think about what Boss and Moolee do, it all just seems like everyday to me but I'm sure there's something.