Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Last night was a close call. We almost got skunked again. I can't believe there's another Skunk in the neighborhood, and choose our back yard to look for food, or shelter. I was sitting and knitting, watching TV, when Happy and Denny exploded into a frenzied barking madness. I almost broke a DP needle, that's how startled I was. But I was not the only one. The Skunk was just outside the sliding door, and "pooped his pants", because it smelled skunky right away. Even with all the windows closed it was intense. I shuddered, because just five minutes earlier, I let the dogs out to pee one last time. Needless to say, it took them awhile to settle down. They wanted nothing more than to go back out into the darkness, and catch that Skunk.

Earlier that evening, I was mucking around in the kitchen,


making "Strauben". Once in a while we remember food we've eaten a long time ago, in another life, and then I get out my old cook book, and give it a try. These are made with yeast dough, but you can make them with a different dough as well. These should not be eaten more than once in ten years or so. Please don't ask for the recipe. I don't feel comfortable helping to clog your arteries. No nutritious value whatsoever, but delicious nevertheless.
So, while I was in the kitchen, Happy was out on the deck, enjoying the evening sun, his sun bed, and a bone.
Happy in the evening sun

Good times! It was only just above freezing, way to cold to sit outside, but he seemed to like it.

Happy in the evening sun

Earlier the same day, I was working on my Taygete
Taygete in progress

I finally finished the garter stitch section, and picked up stitches for the lace part, just to put it away again, because I've got a pattern to test knit. Kanagawa mittens by Kirsten Kapur. I had to cast on right away. No pictures yet, it was late, and I had to start over again. Plus after the Skunk episode, I went to bed to read.



momsue84 said...

We've had skunk close calls before, too. Ugh!! Glad the boys and Maggie didn't get sprayed. It's that time of year when wild critters are coming alive. Last year Milo raided a rabbit's nest in our backyard and brought all the babies inside before we realized it. He was so proud of himself!

TracyKM said...

Ugh, I hate skunks so much (husband actually LIKES the smell!). Last fall we had a similar incounter, it's incredible how fast the smell can permeate through the walls, windows, etc. Makes me laugh when you hear reports after a train derailment (or similar) to "stay inside". I ended up sleeping in the basement but even there it was horrible!

Anonymous said...

The food looks delish! I wish my close calls would just be a skunk but so far living out in the country Tank has almost run down a deer and come face to face with a coyote in the pasture.

Happy looks so blissful with his bone :)

lexa said...

You must have some good eatin' around your yard that the skunks like! lol It's gorgeous here today, sunny and near +10C. I'm soooo ready for spring and summer!

CelticCastOn said...

phew! Glad the pups didn't get skunked again. Skunky better move along or he won't be alive for too long.
I think i'll pass on the clogged arteries but they do look gooooood.

faith76 said...

Well we don't get skunks here in blighty thank goodness but can imagine they smell like our local recycling plant which has caused problems in our area at the moment producing an auful stink - like men's used footy socks ewwwww!!!.

Like the different shades you are using in that pattern - looks like a nice chunky yarn.

Have a good week! Leah x

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Glad they didn't get sprayed! Happy looks so handsome!

Virginia G said...

Ugh. Skunks. Bleh.

In Virginia (the state) we would get skunked every night at approximately 10:30 pm. So every night at 10:20 we would run around shutting all the windows and doors. It was awful.

Michelle said...

Nimitz wanted to go out yesterday and just sit there. Too cold still for me to just sit outside with him so I kept making him come back in. Glad your pups weren't out when the skunk was!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Good times indeed ~ except for that skunk incident ~ LOL Lucky that the gang had come back inside before the skunk appeared on the scene - can you imagine?!*

Your once very 10 year indulgence looks wickedly good :)

2paw said...

The Skunk incident sounds extremely scary and smelly!!! Oh your Strauben look so delicious!!
Happy Happy and his bone!!!

Katha said...

you have skunks in your backyard?! i always thought of them as kind of cute, but that is probably because i never sw one face to face ;)

Walden said...

Looks delicious . . . maybe I am lucky I cannot eat it! Love the pics of Happy, he looks so content.

Laurie said...

My in-laws' sheltie used to get skunked regularly. Talk about a smell that never goes away in that thick, sheltie coat! Ugh!

I love the colors you've chosen for your Taygete. And of course, the pictures of Happy. :-)

Tina said...

But if some food is yummy just have it once a year and enjoy! I do love to eat something similar on the Christmas Market. Or we love to have Kartoffelpuffer – once or twice a year but then we really enjoy them!!!
Good the skunk only came when everyone was back again. Glad there are no skunks over here – still the dogs sometimes smell bad – because of rolling in skunklike smells:-) on our walks.
PS. the word verification sais "unite", makes me smile!