Friday, March 04, 2011

A Knitting Wrapsody

I'm honored to be part of Kristin Omdahl's blog tour for her new book A Knitting Wrapsody.

This is Kristin's first knitting book. She's published two crochet books before, and so it's not surprising to me, that some of her projects look like crochet, but are in fact knit. How did she acomplish that? The DVD included in this book explains some of the more unusual techniques, before you get started.

There are five scarves in this book. Here are some examples, but I wish I could show them all.

Lucky Clover scarf - a reversible scarf, which I think is a fun scarf with the cut-out clover petals.

The Melange scarf looks a lot like crochet.

There are six wraps/capes/ruana projects.
I love the embroidery on the Tree of Life Ruana. It looks quite ordinary from the front, but Kristin surprises with her unique design features, like beautiful embroidery in this case.

There are five shawls, I wish I could show them all! I love knitting shawls.

This is one of my favorites. A simple garter stitch shawlette, but with an interesting edge design. You always have to look twice, and closer, to find the special feature for each project. Serpentine is also reversible, I love that. I've got a feeling, this shawlette will jump on my needles soon.

Warrior Wings, is a lovely elegant shawl, with yet another interesting edge design.

There are also two skirts in this book. While I don't have the figure to wear either one of them, I like them both. Flamenco is an elegant skirt on which I love the ruffled hem. The other one is Arcelia, a wrap/skirt. I like this worn as a wrap better than as skirt.

Overall this is a lovely book, showing many different ways to wrap yourself in lovely, and cosy hand knits, from top to bottom. There is elegant, warm, summery, fun, and funky to be found. I'm glad I've got a chance to look through it, and now my to-knit list is even longer!

Don't forget to check out the upcoming blog posts (see below); you might find photos of other projects, which I could not show you.

edited: I had a Homer Simpson moment there. Of course for Ravelry members you can see all projects on this project page. ;o)

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Michelle said...

I must say that the book is rather fabulous.

Susan said...

Those are really interesting designs. I had to giggle when I saw the skirts. They are most definitely not for "mature" figures but would look great on young slim women (without tummy curves).

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

So many great knits so little time - LOL Love the projects you highlighted and that shoulder shrug on the cover is really cute too!

Laurie said...

There are some amazing projects int hat book. Must buy! :-)

Kathy said...

haha... how quickly things change.. this WAS a post about not having the book! thank you for the review.