Friday, March 25, 2011

Handspun Friday - Core spinning?

I've seen some really lovely core spun yarn. Not the bumpy, loopy ones, but evenly spun. I wanted to try this too. For this, fiber batts are great, or so I've heard. I've got fiber batts in my stash. They all look pretty, but I don't especially like spinning them. There are always exceptions.

Well, I grabbed one, which has been in my fiber stash for years.
Boysenberry, alpaca, corriedale, and glitz, 3oz
It's pretty, isn't it! I've only used one though. It's called Boysenberry, a blend of Alpaca, Corriedale, and Glitz (3oz). I don't remember where I bought it.

One Sunday afternoon, I selected the core for my core spun yarn, read about how it's done online, and in my spinning books, and sat down to give it a whirl.

First try:

first corespinning try

Second try:
core spinning second try

Third and last try:

core spinningh third try

All failures. With the second try you can actually see sections of core spun yarn. With the third try, you can see the blue core yarn. Argh. I gave up after that.

Since the fiber batt was out, and some of it lost, I decided to just spin the rest as singles, and ply it with my core yarn, which is a Mohair/Nylon blend. I've used this yarn to knit a capelette for my grandmother, and I would not have used this yarn again, any time soon.

I was prepared to get the ugliest yarn of the year, but after taking pictures of it, I must say, it's not so bad.

Boysenberry, mohair, nylon, alpaca, corriedale, and glitz, 149yds-2ply-1

The mohair makes it very hairy, but also very soft. It's only 149yds, but if I want to, I've still got the second batt, and some of that yarn left to make more.

Boysenberry, mohair, nylon, alpaca, corriedale, and glitz, 149yds-2ply-1

So, yeah. Core spinning is not for me, not at the moment anyway. I'll try again later, much later.

And as always some puppy love:
Frik & Frak to compare sizes:

March 11

And Happy & Denny under my desk. Happy was there first, but Denny does not like to sleep alone. He always finds a way to wiggle up to somebody.

March 14

March 14



Katha said...

i really dont think the yarn is ugly! i like the combination of the colours very much =)

2paw said...

After you were so sad about your spinning the wool looks so lovely in the final pictures, you can be pleased with that!!
Oh look at those two German Shepherds, they are so gorgeous and Maggie looks big by herself but small near Happy. Denny is a tricker, he pretends to be all boisterous and rough and tumble but there is cuddling with Happy, he's a big softie!!

Knatolee said...

Those colours are yummy! And the dogs are totally adorable, as always.

Anonymous said...

love the dogs. Love the yarn. Nice

knottygnome said...

not that i'm super experienced in corespinning, but i think your core yarn may have tripped you up some. mohair/nylon sounds tricky!

pendie said...

Your pups are soooo cute!

Michelle said...

I haven't tried core spinning yet but I've thought about it. Denny is so cute with his snuggling up!

Maria said...

What is core spinning? Well I love the final out come and the dogs well always a highlight of my day. As always, thanks for sharing the pups!!

Kathy... said...

You are braver than I am. I love the look of some of the core spinning I have seen recently, but really not adventuresome enough to give it a least not yet. I'll wait till you perfect it ..... lol. Oh - and I love your finished yarn - you should definitely knit something with it.

Love the pup photos as always! Such a regal pair, those two....and then there's Denny! I think he must give you the spice in life! lol

Wanderingcatstudio said...

THe yarn looks lovely.
I love the pic of Happy and Maggie! Maggie looks like a miniature copy!

Laurie said...

Your core spinning looks like every attempt I've ever made to spin. But your end result is beautiful!

Love the sweet pics of the pups. :-)

monica said...

Your handspun always looks so lovely. Please give lots of belly rubs to the pups! They are always so adorable.

Claudia Bugh said...

So interesting about that yarn ~ I think what you ended up with is very pretty and a good resolution :) Those batts would work really well with wet felting, I think. Maybe someday you can play around with it.

Maggie and Happy are two peas in a pod ~ lovely to see all the pups together in their pack!

Virginia G said...

It's pretty yarn, but I had to go look up all the terms you used in order to figure out what you were talking about! (that is to say, I know NOTHING about spinning)

Sharon said...

You were brave to attempt core spinning! I thought about it, but then I remembered that some of my singles look like they were core spun and I gave up.

As usual, your pups are scene stealers! Love them all!