Friday, December 17, 2010

Handspun Friday - Slightly Aster

I've bought some fiber from destash, and Slightly Aster is one of them. Dyed by Spincerely Yours, called Slighty Aster, 60% superwash merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon.
Slightly Aster
I've got one skein, ~ 268yds, 2-ply, 4.4oz/126g, I think it's dk weight, definitely thicker than fingering weight yarn. I've listed it in my shop for your knitting pleasure. As always spun with love. It felt good to spin something within a reasonable amount of time.
As I've mentioned on flickr, and on ravelry before, this year there will be no Christmas Tree, because of the "gang". Maybe if they will be good over the coming year, we'll put one up. But I've done (very) little decorating. I've put down a christmasy table cloth on the coffee table, and as soon as I turned around, Denny was up on the table, thinking I've put it down just for him.
Can't be all that comfortable, can it?
He was on it quite a while, because I had to run downstairs to get my camera. But later he moved over to the sofa. Silly boy! I just thought it was hilarious.


Wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Typisch Hund! Alle lieben mich-ich kann machen, was ich will, und alle lieben mich trotzdem!! Gell!

Und Recht hat er ja ;oD !

Liebe GrĂ¼sse Hanne.

CelticCastOn said...

Love that coffee table, and the center piece :)

Michelle said...

I always wonder what goes through their little doggie brains.

ikki said...

Denny is so cute! I love him more and more everyday.

lexa said...

Denny is too funny! I'd like to put our tree in the front window, but the dogs are constantly in the window, so it goes in the corner.

Virginia G said...

That's so funny. What a great dog... :)

Your handspun is gorgeous, as always.

hakucho said...

Who needs a tree when you have Denny! Much cuter decoration...perfect for your coffee table, ....and I bet his bone tastes better there too :)

Susan said...

Our Christmas tree is about a foot tall and living on a table. The doggy destructo team here would make a big tree a daily battle that I don't feel like having. Your pretty green walls look quite festive without decorations.

Walden said...

Beautiful fiber.

I can understand Denny's confusion, after all you did lay that nice blanket up there for him so he would be more comfortable :)

Tina said...

No Christmas tree in our house this year either, for the same reason - our gang has four members now ;-) None of them lying on the coffee table though (the same one and I love it so much) but the newest addition was cought twice running off the couch with a ball of yarn. WIPs must be put our of reach now!