Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chevron Love Mittens

While looking for something else, I found a bag with my Chevron Love Mittens in it. Well it was only half a mitt so far. As I said, I'm determined to finish of my WIP's, and while I totally forgot about these, I have finished everything else, except a mohair scarf, and now it's time to finish them off, since I've cast them on about a year ago (or longer?).
first Chevron Love mitten almost done
This is the first mitt, and I'm going to finish the thumb today and hopefully cast on the second mitt. I still love this colorway. I've got this kit as a gift from C. It's about time I get them done!

For comic relieve I've got Mr. Personality:
Dec. 28-total relaxation
Denny knows how to relax, while we watch TV. I had to laugh so hard, when I saw his hind legs sticking up in the air. I took the photo without flash, but had to play with it, because it was too dark. It's not the best quality, but I'd rather have a bad photo of this then none.

Dec. 28- Maggie waiting for a treat
My son sent me this photo made with his iPhone. As soon as I saw it, I said "Awe!" So cute. This is what came to mind:
"Can I have some more, please?" (Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens)
And not to forget about Happy, who seems happy on the sofa. He's a little exhausted I think, because he's got to do double shifts, playing with Maggie, and playing with Denny.
He's a super Nanny, and deserves extra treats. I don't know what we would do without him, entertaining, and looking after the Baby, and wrestling with Denny all day!

Dec. 7-the boys



Michelle said...

Is that the vintage appliance colorway? I have that one but have yet to knit any mittens at all. Maybe this year. Happy is such a good older brother!

CelticCastOn said...

ahahah Denny looks like he has rabbit feet, and a big ole pot belly hehehe
Maggie`s ears a standing at attention there alright!
Good ole Happy keeping everything in working order :)
Lovely mitt. I`m procrastinating my last sock, doesn`t help that I forgot the after thought heel and now have to rip back :(

monica said...

I love that mitten pattern and I can never decide which colorway to get. I love seeing pictures of your pups!! They are so so cute.

Frieda said...

That's such a gorgeous mitten , love the colourway !

Super cute photo of Denny , but I just love the one with Maggie & Happy !!! There's such a huge difference in size between them .

Susan said...

That picture of Denny is priceless!! What a character!

So Happy is the responsible one now. It doesn't seem that long ago that you were bemoaning how much trouble he was. I don't believe that Maggie is a handful. Every picture of her makes her look like an angel. Those tall ears of hers are so cute! I love puppy feet and ears that still have to be grown into.

I went through some of my knitting last night. Frogged a few projects that have been stagnant for too long. I am bad for startitis.

Pat said...

Love your Chevron Love color- I just wore mine for the first time today!

Beverly said...

I love the photos of your boys and girl. I also love all of the mittens you've been making. I'm a glove girl myself but I may have to find someone to gift a pair to.

2paw said...

Your job would be so much harder without handsome Happy, he is so sweet with Maggie and plays rowdy boy games with Denny. Denny is so funny, he is sitting like a person and Maggie is trying to con some treats I think!!
Nice mittens, I like the colours too.

Virginia G said...

Oh, the mittens are gorgeous! Love them.

And the Denny picture is cracking me up today. Georgia thought it was hilarious too. And then she saw the picture of Maggie and immediately started asking for a puppy. Sigh.

amanda said...

Love that colourway but oh my word that thumb looks like it would try my patience!

Natys said...

Hi monika, i hope you have a great end of 2010 and a better start of 2011. We here have 30ยบ, very hot. Im leaving on vacations tomorrow, to the beach.
You know i love your pups and admire your work.

Big hugs

hakucho said...

Love the Chevron Love mittens :) The colorway is lovely. More doggie cuteness...they certainly must keep you very happy all the time :)

La Cabeza Grande said...

Love the mittens. I know they'll be super-cute. Good catch on the "legs in the air" shot of Denny. Happy is such a good boy.

Robin said...

She is adorable!!!!!! That face - so intelligent looking! Denny is just too funny!