Friday, December 03, 2010

Handspun Friday - Shetland Humbug and Jacobs Humbug

This is my 777th blog post! I thought that's a cool number.

I've spun up some Humbug fiber I bought from Shunklies. The good thing is, I have lots more of that stuff in many different colorways. What a pleasure it is to spin this interesting fiber. It's not next to skein softest yarn ever, but I can use it for socks, and mittens. But not everyone is a Mimosa like I am.

This is Jacobs Humbug: navajo plied, 227yds SOLD
Jacobs Humbug

And this is Shetland Humbug: navajo plied, 204yds, 103g/3.6oz
Shetland Humbug
This handspun yarn is still available in my shop.
I love Shunklies Humbug fiber, even though I bought the rustic ones, I think she's got some softer fiber as well now.
While I was trying to take pictures of the yarn, Happy was trying to get me to play with him. He gently put the tennis ball on my display, waited patiently for a while, and since I didn't cooperate, he took the ball back, and went along his way. Sweet boy!
Happy-ever so helpful-1

Happy-ever so helpful-2

Happy-ever so helpful-3

As you can see in the photos, it has been a while, since I took these. I haven't spun much lately. Busy of course, but also the yearly cracked fingers are not very fiber friendly. A few days ago, I could hardly hold on to the fiber, so I had to take care of my fingers first. Got good advise on ravelry (Crisco, and cotton socks are involved, and other magical creams). The spinning wheel is really calling to me. Can not get excited about my WIP's, can't settle down with one, and find no peace to finish things up.
I've got my shelves yesterday! Now only the front of one drawer and a replacement cabinet door, and my kitchen is finally done. Funny thing is, we already need the electrician coming back to fix things, just installed weeks ago, and the tiler, and the plumber. Oh well. The never ending story. Meanwhile I'm going to blend me a smoothie! Read the book I got for my birthday "Green for Life" and want to incorporate some green smoothies in my life. Maybe this way I can get more veggies in my body, since they don't want to cross my lips otherwise. Anybody has some favorite green smoothie recipes???


MiA said...

I spun some bfl dyed on humbug fibers (from greenwood) - and as you say, it is really a fun experience to spin it. The effects from the different fibers are gorgeous!

Spundun said...

Beautiful handspun - love those colours! Happy is so cute, just like my neighbours dog who always puts a ball over the fence for me to throw.

My hands are cracking like mad too, can't go to sleep without slathering creams all over them (and my feet, and my face, lol).

2paw said...

Happy is such a lovely boy. I watched a show called The Secret Life of Dogs today, and it was all about how dogs were domesticated and how clever they are. And how they are our companions and we are theirs. It makes me a little teary because I am so lucky, and then I see Happy and think how lucky you are!! (And Denny and Maggie!!)

Virginia G said...

Oh, Happy is so sweet!

Let's see, for cracked fingers, I know that the Bliss Spa catalog has some gel lined gloves that really help keep the moisture (crisco) in, if you are having issues.

Also, bag balm for cows works. If you can't find any up there, I'll grab you a tin and send you some. It doesn't smell the best, but it will heal you up, fast.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Happy is too funny. Mom's dog lady will drop a toy at your feet but she won't go away if you ignore here. She will sit, grumble at first, and if you continue to ignore bark incessantly until you finally give in an throw the ball. And she's really stubborn about it so she always wins!

Carrie#K said...

Happy's a sweetie.

Green smoothies? Like green beans/celery/peas? Hm. I like vegetables but soups are a nice winter way to get them. You've got to post a green smoothie recipe though.

Kathy said...

It's expensive, but i'd recommend Clarins hand and nail clean. it really does work wonders.

Kathy said...

It's expensive, but i'd recommend Clarins hand and nail clean. it really does work wonders.

peony said...

Uh-oh... those handspuns are just GORGEOUS!