Sunday, August 01, 2010

New living quaters!

It's Sunday evening, and I've finally moved into my new living quarters in our basement!!!

I'm totally pooped, and my feet, and legs have cramped up. If I have to lift one more thing, I'll cry. Everything took longer than we thought, because we had to take breaks. It was too much for two people, but we did it. I could not have done it without my son, and Hannah helped the last couple of days too.

If everything goes as planned, I'll be living here, with the pups for the next two month. I took the photos in the evening, it's nice and sunny during the day down here, and we can go outside and jump right into the pool if we want to.

August 1 -finally moved into the basement today -1
Since we replaced the windows, and doors in the basement too, we have no new blinds yet. So I hung an old pillow case in front of one small window, and some black fabric over the big window, in my bedroom area. Off to the left of my bed, there's the washroom. The dogs have their crates, but also their dog beds. I'm so glad we could fit it all in. I'm still going to get the small bedside table from the garage. I didn't know if it would fit, and I really need it. I'm also happy that we could leave the brown leather sofa there, it's very comfy, as Denny could tell you, since he's been sleeping on it already.
The kitchen table made it downstairs two, as well as two of the dining room chairs.

August 1 -finally moved into the basement today -2
Here's the view at my desk. I love this little space. My son David set it up so nicely, and the internet works too. Denny's crate has no pillow in it, since it was wet, and I had to put it outside to dry.
We let him outside into the backyard for the first time since he was neutered, and the first thing he did was run to the pool and jump in. He swam around, got out, shook himself off, and jumped right back in for another round. I didn't know he liked swimming SO much! After that he chased Happy around, and swam again. Little water rat! No photos, because I was stressed enough, had to give them some exercise time, but should have done something else at the same time. Anyway, it's over now, and I can start relaxing.

August 1 -finally moved into the basement today -3
And this is the "kitchen" area. The big bonus, which you can't see here is, that we could get the big fridge form the kitchen downstairs! That makes life much easier. The TV is not working, because we needed the cable for the internet, but I've not watched TV in month, so why would I want to now?
Happy is not very happy in this photo. He's scared of Hannah, very nervous around her. Even when she's not here, and only her things are parked someplace, he makes a big loop around and watches the stuff carefully (it could jump at him at any moment). It's a mystery to me, why he's so nervous around her. When she was here in February for a week, he didn't even stay at the same floor as she did, only at the end of the week, before she left, he did stay in the same room with her, but she could not look at him, or talk to him.
This time he's staying in the same room ,but no lying down comfortably. She once tried to give him a treat, but that made him leave the room again.
No problem with Denny though. He's all over her.

Happy's also having a bad hair day on his bum. When he's in the water much, his hair gets like that. I can't find the brush, or I would do something about it.
We fenced off the area, so they can be outside the crate, but not go off on me, while I'm not looking. They have to get used to all this, and come Tuesday they'll have to put up with all the banging, and noise coming from upstairs as well. Well, we all do.

Anyway, I'm stone tired today, and I wont be doing anything much anymore. Oh, I did finish my test knitting, that does not mean I finished the shawl, but I checked the instructions, written and the chart, and now I just have to repeat the second chart until I run out of yarn. I'm talking about the shawl Larix, which you'll find on ravelry. Sorry now link today, when I'm done with it, I'll add the link....

By now it's pitch black outside. It's a little creepy, and I still have to let the dogs out for their last pee.
Talk to you soon!


Walden said...

So much work, but I am sure it'll be worth it in the end. It looks pretty nice down in your basement! :) Hope the transition is easier than expected. Does this mean your work gets to slow down around the house since now?

Susan said...

Looks great! I like any living space that includes crates ;)

What a puzzle that Happy is so nervous around Hannah. Sure makes you wonder what goes on furry minds sometimes. Is he like that with other people? Maybe because she's not there very often? Weird.

Laurie said...

Poor Happy...nothing worse than a bad hair day on da bum! LOL!

Your new quarters do look's lucky you have all that light. If I had to live in my basement for two months...well...let's just not go there. ;-)

Virginia G said...

Wow. That's a lot of work. Are you going to move things back upstairs piecemeal or do it all at once?

2paw said...

Wow, that's a little space for lots of stuff but it is so well organised!!
Poor Happy, having his bad hair day exposed to the world. It is strange he likes to be Not Near Hannah. He's a funny boy.
Glad there is lots of swimming fun to be had by all and that you think you will be content in your camping space!!
Remember to relax!!!

CelticCastOn said...

holy moly you moved your fridge down stairs??? You better go easy mrs.
I'm wondering if Happy was frightened by something that fell or the likes and scared him as Hannah entered the room and now he assocaiates that with Hannah??
Does your work begin tomorrow?

shannon said...

fun times. :)

josie is scared of everyone when she first meets them, giving some people a wider birth than others. what seems to work for us is having those guests completely ignore her. she's wanting to be their best friend by the end of their visit, normally (and then each time they come back she warms up quicker and quicker).

fun reno!! :)

Michelle said...

Your new area looks so cozy. At least it's only for a couple of months and yous till have the outside. I need to bring Nimitz to you to get him to start liking water. :-)

Cloudberry said...

I'll bet it will be worth it in the end! And Happy's bad hair day made my day :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

You basement looks nice and cozy! I don't have cable either - I just watch movies on my DVD player

Sharon said...

The new bedroom in the basement is looking pretty swank! I wouldn't sleep in my basement for a million dollars.

And a welcome home to Hannah.

Carrie #K said...

That is too weird about Happy and Hannah. She didn't torture him at some point, did she? It seems unlikely.

Your basement digs look fun!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I love this little glimpse into your lives! It's like you are camping but on a large scale. I stayed downstairs with Mr. Puffy for two weeks until his medication controlled his bladder leaking and it felt like we were camping too.

I noticed the hair on Happy's bum before you pointed it out. It's like a child who has a "bird's nest" in their hair (i.e. that was me as a kid).

Happy may be cautious around Hannah because he doesn't understand how she fits into the family yet.

Bea said...

uups - das war ja ein schönes Stück Arbeit.
Da kann ich gut verstehen, dass du wie tot ins Bett fällst am Abend und keinen Fernseher brauchst.

Grüßle, die Bea