Friday, April 17, 2009

Handspun Friday- Black Merino/Tencel

Thank you all so much for your comments on my Dante Purse! And I wanted to say Hallo to those who are new here, and left a comment for the first time! It's always amazing how people end up here from all over!


Sometimes there's not enough yarn for a pair of socks in my size, but it's still good sock yarn, like Black Purl here. I thought I would spin up some black fiber to knit cuffs, heels and toes. I had some merino/tencel in my stash. Doesn't it look rather like hair? It felt weird to spin this, and I wanted to get it over with quickly.

Black Purl Socks-1

The socks look a little gloomy but the feeling on my feet is wonderful. It's wool/mohair/nylon blend, just the way I like my sock yarn.

Black Purl socks-3

I knit them on 2.25mm DP needles, toe up, 60 stitches for the foot, 64 for the leg. The heel was a weird construction, I found it in the book "Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn" by Carol J. Sulcoski. It's from the Staccato Socks by Veronik Avery, really neat socks too, but the heel is kind of funny to knit.

Black Purl socks-2

I think I just have enough left of the black yarn to knit another handspun pair, with a different sock yarn, which has not enough yardage on its own.

For those interested in spinning great sock yarn, I found this interesting link here. I've read about spinning good sock yarn somewhere else before, can't remember where, but this is a good article too. I agree with what she's saying, even though she does not recommend machine processed roving. I don't think I will ever prepare my own spinning fiber, it's just too much hassle. That's why I try to spin as good a sock yarn as possible to get the most wear out of handspun socks. Everything else would be a waste of money and time, even though socks can look beautiful, and can be wonderful soft on your feet, but either they felt after the first wash, or get holes in the heel or toes quickly. That's why handspun sock yarn for me will always be at least navajo plied, or 3-plied or more. Anyway, I think it's a good read.

I did some dyeing over the Easter weekend, not much, but just to get the dyeing bug out of my bonnet.

Easter weekend dyeing

The left one I love, the middle one is O.K. I guess, and the right one did NOT turn out as I wanted it. The first two are Columbia fiber, 8oz each. I think it's similar to Corriedale, but I have not spun it yet. The right one is 50/50 merino/tencel, 6.7oz and it was a PIA. Don't think I'll get to this one any time soon.


Renata S. P. said...

Hi Monika!

You're right, the first thing I thought when I saw the black fiber was hair.
You did a very good work, socks looks really beautiful and I loved the other 3 fiber you posted, especially the midle one.
Yesterday I made a ball with Roses in the snow. I think I'll start working with it tonight =D

Have a nice day,


GoldenTracks said...

Oooo! It does look like hair. I bet that did weird you out.
It always interests me to see how the different roving colors kit up.

Sharon V said...

I don't find your socks gloomy at all, in fact, I love the colors. I've made several pairs of socks from my own handspun and Navajo plying has served me best.

Your attempts at dyeing are providing some lovely results as well. You are on a roll!

Marianne said...

Love your socks and I don't find them gloomy at all either! Thank you for that link.
Your dyed fibres are ALL gorgeous!

Dave said...

No gloom here either -- love the subtle colours. :-)

Do you remember where you got the wool/mohair/nylon blend? It sounds perfect.

susannasplace said...

Also mir gefallen solche "schlichten" Socken durchaus auch gut. Man muss ja nicht immer in die Farbkiste greifen.

Schönes Wochenende

Päivi Eerola said...

Love your socks! Great work!

Novelos e meadas said...

Great socks, I enjoy them very much! And the dyed fibres are all very nice!

hakucho said...

Yes, the fiber does look like hair!! LOL :)
Your socks turned out cute. Great way to stretch your sock yarn :)

sgeddes said...

Didn't like the tencel? Was this your first time to spin with a tencel blend? I didn't mind it when I spun a merino/tencel braid up. The socks came out great!

I love the home dyed roving too - nice job and what a fun way to spend Easter; instead of dying eggs. I love the one with the yellow in it.

Claudia Bugh said...

I think that Mountain color's Barefeet sock yarn is that combo and it's wonderful to wear.

I LOVE your socks with the color blocks on the toe, heel, cuff. It's so impressive how perfect your spinning is!

Anonymous said...

love the Black Purl yarn!
Margie in Maryland

Bea said...

vielen Dank für den Link zur Sockenfasern-Anleitung. Blödsinnigerweise habe ich keine Mohairfasern im Vorrat. Sonst hätte ich mich heute sofort hingestellt und kardiert. Für 15 g Mohair lohnt sich auch eine Bestellung nicht so wirklich....
Allerdings haben bei mir Socken aus 100% relativ grober Wolle ein Jahr lang ohne Mängel durchgehalten, bis sie mein Göttergatte in die 60°Wäsche reingeworfen hat....
Socken aus 100 % deutscher Merino, die ich zusammen mit einem Industriesockengarn als FairIsle verstrickt habe, halten nun auch schon ein halbes Jahr ohne ein Zeichen von dünn oder Loch.

Deine Socken gefallen mir ausgesprochen gut. Und du wirst sehen, dass Socken aus handgesponnener Wolle wesentlich angenehmer zu tragen sind als solche aus industrieller Superwash-Wolle. Und eine Wollwäsche in der Waschmaschine haben meine bisher alle gut ausgehalten.

Grüßle, die Bea

Die graue Wolle sieht richtig klasse aus.

Craftyfox said...

Thank you for the link on spinning for socks.. I just bought my spinning wheel yipeee!!and so I've saved this for future. I'm still loving reading your blog, It's an inspiration Hopefully I'll be able to spin like you in the future.
My blog has gone by the wayside..can't manage with my eyesight to do that and the craft as well..So I've chosen to do learn spinning and continue the knitting as my priority.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the roving. The one on the left is my fav.

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

OK so maybe I'm totally strange but I like the right hand one best.... I think it will surprise you when you spin it up - really!
Nice socks! Awesome handspun yarn! The black pearl is really really nice! Kudos!

Beverly said...

Spun and knitted already. You are a super fast. The merino/tencel does look like hair. I like the way it looks and it complements the socks. Another great job.

solange said...

Monika, my congratulations!
Your blog is wonderful.
I love the photos, the color.
I am delighted with your yarn.
The mixture of colors is wonderful.
I would like to know how to buy their yarn; excuse the grammar, do not speak / write in English and use the translator for that.
I want to buy their yarn, how?
Thank you and congratulations, the photos are wonderful with the apples.

hannah said...

The socks look really nice. I also like your dyed wool for spinning. Of course you not always get the results you are hoping for.