Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring? April 7 before 8 AM

Sunday afternoon, I was sitting in the sun, knitting. The pups froliced around the back yard, and now this:

click pics to few full size (I've got a new camera, which I'm still trying to figure out)

Copy of April 7-before 8AM-4-2

The pups think the world is in order again, now that snow is back!

Copy of April 7-before 8AM-3-2

Copy of April 7-before 8AM-7-2
Biko was miffed because she had to sit still for a second.

Copy of April 7-before 8AM-8-2

Copy of April 7-before 8AM-9-2

Copy of April 7-before 8AM-2-2

Copy of April 7-before 8AM-13-2

In the end Biko had no trouble taking away Sam's ball, even under heavy protest.

April 7-before 8AM-14-2


doris said...

Servus Monika, I've been reading your blog for about a year now, but have never commented. And I really don't know why I never did so (especially after your very funny description of the yarn- shop owner in Fürstenfeld). Maybe it's time I made you feel a bit homesick... -> Fürstenfeld: 23 Grad Celsius (shade), keine Wolke weit und breit!! :-))
Liebe Grüße, Doris (aus Deutsch Kaltenbrunn)
Your blog is, of course, one of my favourites! :-)

shannon said...

really? snow? i thought you were showing us photos you took from the winter. hope it warms up soon!!!

those two are just beautiful and so expressive. thanks for sharing photos of them (reminds me, should do something with photos on my blog soon!).


Marianne said...

Wheeeeee! Fabulous photos!!!

sgeddes said...

Wow! I I don't think I could survive snow in April. The dogs would love it though.

momsue84 said...

More snow? The pups look like they are having a terrific time. Milo loves to roll in it, too. We have sun and 60's today. Sorry!

Sharon V said...

I love your Sam and Biko stories!

Sam is a total gentleman and that's why Biko gets away with the ball every time.

And P.S., I hope that snow stays well north of me since my Spring flowers have just started to bloom.

Renata S. P. said...

Snow... Just don't know what it is... I've never seen. There's some places here in Brazil that has snow in Winter, but nothing compared to that. Here, were I live, that just doesn't exist.
Your dogs aparently like it. =D
They are adorable.

Renata S. P.

Susan said...

I heard on the news that southern Ontario got a dump of snow. All I can say is you can keep it there because we in the prairies don't want it at all. Our winter snow hasn't melted yet.

Toby said...

For it being a new camera I think the photos are pretty amazing! I always find it a challenge to get any color in a snowy photo, and in these I can clearly see the pale yellow of Biko's and Sam's coats.

I'm trying to be more appreciative of the changes in weather, but snow in April would be pushing my limits.

CelticCastOn said...

Biko really does look ticked in that picture heheheh
I hope to goodness your snow leaves pronto and that it doesn't decide to grace us with its presence.

Angelika said...

You really like that new camera of yours. You are very snap happy. :) The "kids" really like the snow a lot.

Anonymous said...

I love your dog posts!

I'm sorry about the snow, but the dogs seem to love it.

Anonymous said...

Balls are so much better when another dog wants it. Nimitz has started liking sticks but only if another dog has been chewing it first. That's too bad about the snow but at least the pups are enjoying it!

2paw said...

Biko and Sam look so gorgeous!! I love that they have made a rectangular play area in the snow: what fun!! Great photos Monika!!

wanderrast said...

Deine Hunde sind so schön auzuschauen.
So viel Schnee, fast wie bei uns vor 14 Tagen,
deinen Fotos gefallen mit gut, bin immer wieder mal zu Gast bei dir.
Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Osterfest

Claudia Bugh said...

I love your pictures with them playing in the snow with their red ball ~ they would make wonderful Christmas cards!

It's hard to believe you are still getting snow. But I guess it still is early Spring.

steffi said...

Oh, es ist einfach unglaublich, dass Ihr schon wieder so viel Schnee bekommen habt. Und ich liebe Deine Hundebilder :)
Wahnsinn - die beiden sind soooo lieb. Ich schicke Dir sonnige Grüße, ein bißchen Frühlings-Wärme und natürlich "Frohe Ostern" :)
Steffi :)

Susan:) said...

Yay for sheps playing in the snow! Wished we lived nearby because my pack would love to play with yours. :)

hannah said...

Lovely pictures of the dogs!! I can't believe there was such an amount of snow!

Kris B said...

We've had beautiful weather for the last few weeks and then a cold front came through at the beginning of this week. Of course a cold front for us is nothing like you guys. I realized that I've lived in Florida to long because I went for a walk on the beach and was wearing a wind breaker jacket with a wool hat and pants. I was comfortable. I saw people on the beach in bikinis and playing in the water. They must have been from Canada. Although I have to confess they looked a bit cold.

I love seeing the pictures of Biko and Sam in the snow. They look like they are having such a good time.

T-Mom said...


We don't have snow, but the temps are still in the 30s at night. The thing I like about it is that it's making my spring flowers last longer than they would if it were warmer.

Looks like you can still anticipate the joy of spring flowers. ;-^)

Robin said...

Your pups are just beautiful! Love the white on white.