Friday, April 03, 2009

Handspun Friday - Roses in the Snow

Roses in the Snow, 5.6oz, Happy Hooves Sock Batt Club from Enchanted Knoll, trade from Dave
Roses in the Snow, 5.6oz

Dave is in Happy Hooves Sock Batt Club from Enchanted Knoll. The February Club Batts were called "Roses in the Snow". He felt he didn't like the colores for himself, so he offered them to me. I saw finished yarn from these batts on ravelry, and liked the shiny sparkliness of it, and so I agreed to take it off his hands, and traded some FatCatKnits fiber I had in my stash.

Roses in the Snow and Dream in color Smooshy - peaches, trade from Dave

Well the batts came, and he snuck in this gorgeous sock yarn as well! I've always wanted to give Dream in Color Smooshy a try! Thanks, Dave!

Roses in the Snow, 5.6oz, Happy Hooves Sock Batt Club from Enchanted Knoll, trade from Dave-ready for plying

Here are the batts all spun up. Each batt had lots of sparkle in them. I started with the pink one. It was really easy to spin, which made me question my dislike of batts. Next up was the whitish batt. This one was a major PIA to spin, and it confirmed my opinion about spinning batts. All I wanted was just to get through it. I think for batts to be spun nicely they have to be carded many times. The white stuff was just horrible. Last was the yellow batt, which sparkled golden on the bobbin, it was in between the other too. Not a total mess, but not as easy as the pink stuff either. I was really glad when I was done with it.

With all that sparkle and glitter stuff going on I expected the finished yarn to sparkle like a lit Christmas tree, but to tell you the truth, I was disappointed with the finished yarn. It looks all frezzled and worn. It got too much twist as well, because I didn't realize that the lazy Kate was holding on too tight until I was almost done with it.

These batts were supposed to be spun as 3-ply for socks. Well it's 3-ply already and there's enough yardage to make socks and than some. I don't know what I'll do with it, this one's just a twisted mess, and I think the fiber is too soft for socks.

Roses in the Snow-3-ply-565yds-2-25WPI

fiber: Roses in the Snow, 5.6oz (don't know what's in it, besides glitter stuff), Happy Hooves Sock Batt Club, from Enchanted Knoll, February 2009

yardage: 565yds, 3-ply

WPI: 25

Roses in the Snow-3-ply-565yds-3-25 WPI

while plying, Sam's always under foot, March 27

Sam's ever so helpful, always underfoot. :o)

while plying, Biko's not far either, March 27
Biko's never far away either. Both start to snore as soon as I start pedaling.

KP merino lace, 880yds, closest to the real color, with Roses in the Snow
Here's it one more time with some lace yarn I dyed. Last year around this time I dyes some yarn, two skeins of lace weight yarn among them. This year I took them out and didn't like how plotchy they were, so I overdyed them. The color in this picture is pretty accurate. It's KnitPicks Bare lace weight merino, 880yds a skein. I like it much better now, that it is almost solid.

KP merino lace, 880yds, dyed in Raspberry-1


Anonymous said...

Monika, die hab ich auch versponnen, aber ganz anders. Umso schöner zu sehen, wie das Garn bei Dir aussieht. Ich finde es sind ganz tolle Farben und dieser Fiber Club ist einer meiner Lieblinge. Man muss ja erstmal alles ausprobieren, aber der gefällt mir wirklich gut!

sei lieb gegrüßt

Mona Schmidt said...

I do like the Roses in the snow 3 ply - the colour is just soo pretty! I'm sure you'll find a project for this. Personally, I'm thinking 'lace'...

P.S. my word verification was 'buthomp' - for no reason I do think that's funny!

Renata S. P. said...

Hello Monika!
I wish i could have this kind of yarn here in Brazil. More than that, i wish i could made my own yarn, as you do. Unfortunatelly, we does not have here the things to do it.
I just love your work.

Renata S. P.

elizabeth said...

I think it's really pretty, but you're the one who has to live with it! :o) Did you try spinning the white batt from both ends? Sometimes it matters what direction you're spinning it from. Also, could you run the yarn back through the wheel and remove some of the twist? That should soften it up. Good luck! I have some EK batts in my stash, waiting for their day on the wheel.

Marianne said...

I giggled a bit about your spinning those batts and how all three were different. I'm not a big fan of the sparkle but have to admit, it is pretty. I see what you mean, there's a bit of areas very twisted but oh my, those colours together are quite charming.
I can just hear the kids, 'ahh, she's spinning, finally, nap-time!'.
Happy weekend to you!

sgeddes said...

Well I do think the reuslting yarn is very pretty. Maybe it could make a nice soft scarf or something since it is so soft.

Dave said...

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy spinning up the batts, but the finished yarn does look quite nice ... as far as yellow and pink yarn goes. :-) BTW, I think it's superwash merino with added glitz.

pat said...

Boy you make pretty yarn :-)
I saw the batts and couldn't imagine what the final yarn would look like - it is beautiful!

Susan said...

I overplied some yarn last week. I don't know what I was thinking while I was plying it. I ended up running it through the wheel again to relax the ply twist and it worked pretty well. I love the colors!

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased you were honest about it being nice to spin or not....I haven't spun many batts so will have to give some a try.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Hooves ~ Enchanted Knoll ~ Roses in the Snow! Who could not be enchanted?

I'm sorry you weren't that happy with the spun yarn, it sure look great from where I'm sitting. Hum, if not socks, what should you make. That's a tough one because you don't have that much yardage. Otherwise, I would suggest doubling it and making a mobius!

Anonymous said...

That's always a shame when you spend so much time spinning something and don't love the results. I think it looks very pretty. Can you make a scarf or shawl with it since it's so soft?

Corinna said...

Hallo Monika,

ich finde die total schön. Bin schon gespannt, was Du daraus strickst. Wirklich tolle Farben !!

Viele liebe Grüße

Bea said...

ja, ich hab das in Deinem Blog gelesen, dass du keine Batts spinnen magst.
Ich selber spinne sehr gerne von frisch kardierten Batts. Aber die sind auch selber kardiert und nie irgendwie gedrückt worden oder so. Ich denke, dass das einen Unterschied macht. Außerdem kardiere ich immer mehrfach.

Das war auch der Grund, dass ich Dir keinen Batt angeboten habe, sondern das Kidsilk Haze.

Das Garn aus diesen drei Farben kommt super rüber. Schade, dass es zu weich ist für Socken.

Dein lila Lace ist auch klasse. Momentan hab ich gerade eine Lila-Phase. Lila ist eine Farbe, die ich mal mag und dann wieder über Jahre nicht mehr.

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

Sparkly batts, eh? "All that glitters is not gold"! LOL!! The colors are really lovely though! Give it a little time in your stash to 'ripen' and you may yet forgive all the hassles! But I agree it's too soft for for socks - all that glittery stuff is kind of scratchy against the skin anyways...

hannah said...

I am sorry you are not happy with this yarn. Nevertheless I hope you will find a nice project for it.

Angelika said...

Despite the pain you had spinning it, I think it looks great. I can see it as a hat or a scarf.

Beverly said...

Too bad the sparkle doesn't show up. That would probably add the extra zing to the yarn.

The overdye looks great. Can't wait to see what wonderful projects you create from these.

Tricocomceci said...

Hi Monika

I wish i could have this kind of yarn here in Brazil. More than that, i wish i could made my own yarn, as you do. Unfortunatelly, we does not have here the things to do it.
I just love your work, it is beautiful!
Kisses, Kisses
by Cecilia