Wednesday, April 22, 2009


"Happiness depends upon ourselves."
-Aristotle (384-322BC)

Well, yes, but sometimes we get some help from family, friends, acquaintances or even people we only know through the Internet! Some days I just can't help but smile from ear to ear. Those are good days. :o)

gift from Monica

It pays to leave a comment. I've been reading Monica's blog for quite some time now. I find it quite interesting and think, that she deserves many more readers (who leave a comment), as many other blogs I read do. She had a contest and I was a winner for leaving the 1000th comment! Woo Hoo! Wasn't she generous with her prize? I finally got a knitting related mug! I like mugs in general, but so far I've not found a sheepy mug or any other knitting related mugs, so I'm VERY happy about it. The Tangerine Cherry Tree Hill skein made me laugh. It really IS orange! I have to find the perfect project to use it with. Thanks Monica for everything!

gift from Chawne

Another generous person is dear Chawne! I know her first and mostly through flickr. I love to be part of her days through her photographs and comments. She's so funny and excellent in every craft she does. If you don't believe me, see for yourself. Look through her sets of wonderful crafts. She inspired me to do many projects, the last one was the Babette blanket.
All I did to get this wonderful, generous gift was to send her a project bag I made, and she's still waiting for it! I sure hope it gets there soon. It's not that I expected anything in return, although I DO like surprises as well. I think I was quite selfish in sewing those project bags, which was fun for me, and than giving them away, which made me feel good. So there, selfish! :o)

excellent customer service

Excellent customer service! I never doubt that it exists again! Back in 2007 I bought Amy Butler's Chelsea Bags pattern to make this tote bag. The same pattern also gives instruction to make a the handbag size. I kept the cut out pattern, but lost the instructions. Since my sewing machine is still out, I thought, I'd like to make the small Chelsea bag, but I could not remember how the handle was done. I just knew it was a bit difficult.
So I wrote to Amy Butler's customer service and to my amazement I've got a nice answer, and what was even more amazing, they sent me the pattern free of charge!
Isn't that great customer service?

Now there's something else. Somebody did me a favor, and in return she only asked me for a post card from were I live, which her disabled son collects. This is a small thing to do. I was just thinking how great it would be, if instead of one post card, she would get many for her son? If anybody is willing to send a post card, please send me an e-mail. I've already obtained the help of some family members to participate. :o)

Thank you!


Alexandra said...

Beautiful things! The mug is perfect!

Platypus said...

Oh yeah, I would like to write a postcard from Austria to that boy!
You´ve got my email?
Great idea!
Lieben Gruß vom Platypus

Renata S. P. said...

Beautiful Gifts!
And I think you're gonna receive one more... probably next month!

Tara said...

If a postcard from Montreal would be helpful, it'd be my pleasure to send one.

tecendo-arte said...

His Blog is lovely! Congratulations!

TracyKM said...

I really love that toy in the picture on the card. Any idea on where to find a pattern like that? I've knit balls, and stars, and I have a neat sewn ball, but I like that ball!

Sharon V said...

It's nice to get knitterly gifts, isn't it?

I'd love to send a postcard from New York City to the young boy in Austria.

Eliza said...

I'd be happy to send a postcard from Washington, DC. You have my e-mail from this comment or I'll see anything you post on the blog through my reader.

Claudia Bugh said...

Awww. Lots of mail goodies :))) I'd be happy to send a Post Card from Southern California ~ just send me his name and address (also his age).

Bea said...

schicke mir die Adresse, ein Postkärtchen aus good old Germany wäre doch nett, nicht wahr?
Ach ja, das Alter des Jungen wär nett zu wissen.

Schaftasse - "Notierstiftzückt" - ich weiß wo es eine gibt *gg*

Grüßle, die Bea

hakucho said...

Looks like you really hit the jackpot with your surprises in the mail :)

I'll send a postcard, too :)

Donyale said...

Hi Monika! I'll send a card from Australia too - can you email me the address?

sharon said...

I would love to send a postcard to him - and I already have some nice ones to send.
if my email doesn't show from this comment, let me know!

Beverly said...

Wonderful gifts. I would like to send a postcard.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many people our blogs put us in touch with. And (usually) when you put something nice out into the world niceness comes back to you. Do you think the boy would like a postcard from MIT? I can arrange that! :-)

Marianne said...

What sweet and gorgeous gifts!
Count me in on the post card! just get the info to me and thank you for the opportunity!

Nina said...

I really love to read your blog. Your handspun yarns are so beutiful I love all the beutiful colours. I also fell in love with the tote bag and would like to have the pattern, but I have problems with your link to Amy Butler - could anyone help me?
Regards from Norway

wolltrunken said...

Hallo, Monika!

Ich würde auch gern eine Postkarte schicken. Tolle Idee von Dir!

Liebe Grüße

von Birgit

hannah said...

Nice isn't it: to receive nice gifts?!

My friends of the knitting-club are a bit jealous after seeing the bag you've sent me!

I also would like to sent the boy a postcard from The Netherlands!!

deborah said...

hi, i would like to send a postcard from switzerland. cheers deborah

Angelika said...

Enjoy all those goodies. I have a mug with sheep on it, one of them is black too. Baaaah. What a great idea about the postcards. Fort Knox might be a nice one to get?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your beautiful blog. I' d love to send a postcard from Greece to the little guy.
My e mail is

Louise said...

Id be happy to send a postcard from France, if it's not too late.

goldwman said...


Anonymous said... that balled up yarn Cascade? I think I made a Booga bag out that colorway (love it!).

Send me the address, please. I'd love to send a postcard! (runswithneedles at gmail dot com)