Thursday, August 30, 2007

Karen Noe - Shawl

There has been some interest in the Karen Noe shawl. The shawl is called "Flettet Sjal", which means "braided shawl". You can see a picture on her website and contact her at

As Judy told me, she was told by Karen, that if you buy the yarn from her, she'll be willing to give the pattern in English.

Hope that helps those, who are interested.

edited September 08: I just found out today, that Lotte Wackerhagen designed this shawl, and Karen Noe is selling the pattern and yarn for it on her website. Just wanted to give credit to the designer.


Anonymous said...

Since I can't seem to translate her page using google translator - can you tell my if you can just buy the pattern from her - or is it only the kit?
(sorry to bug you on this!)

Anonymous said...

I just emailed them with the same question, and unfortunately they won't sell me the pattern without the yarn. Which is too bad, since shipping for the kit is really expensive - 28 euros!