Thursday, April 20, 2006

This one's for my "sista"!

She wants to see more pictures. These are what started all the knitting crazyness, way back in November '05 - dishcloths! After knittingn nothing but socks for the previous years, I wanted to do something else, but small. It's great to try out new patterns. At first I thought people crazy for knitting these things, but soon I expierienced first hand the usefulness of the dishcloths'. The sponge is banned from my kitchen now. Of course, soon dishcloths' didn't just cut it anymore. I needed an even more challenging thing to knit and after that "knit-o-mania" reared its ugly head. ;o)

More up to date, I've started the Regal Silk Scarf 5 times yesterday! After that I had to give the poor Silk a rest and do something else. I've started a Log Cabin Blanket with yarn from my stash! Oh yeah, that's right. But, since the Regal Silk Scarf is supposed to be a mothers' day gift, I better get a move on. Bye for now.

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