Monday, April 17, 2006

Knitting 'til the fingers are swollen!

This weekend I was working on the Baby Blanket only. I really wanted to start a new Lucy Bag and I really wanted to resume knitting on the Dresser Scarf, but I'm strong willed (not) and that's why I'm tackling the border of the BB right now. Hopefully I'll be done by tomorrow. Fingers crossed! (I don't have enough fingers to cross for the things I have to cross them for!)

Since I don't know how to put this darn thing on my sidebar, here's the "OneSkeinsecretpal" button, which I'm a proud member off. There you go.

Tomorrow there will be some new pictures, I promise, but now back to the needles and the "one time only because I hate this yarn" BB. See ya!

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