Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Knitting Books Library

I've mailed my "warming Grace" squares. They were knit with cotton yarn 5"X5". I'm glad I could participate with this project.

I promised some pictures, so here you can see my knitting books. I'm still building on it. In fact, there are two new books ordered and hopefully in the mail already. Some books are waiting to be released before they find their permanent home with me.
I'm still working on the BB border. I'll finish it today though. After that, weaving in the ends, washing it and drying it and off it'll go to Europe.


Cristina said...

hey Monika...knottieknitter (from mason dixon kal here)...i love your blog! you have A LOT of yarn, girl!
whats that domino book? is that like the mitered square technique from the mason dixon book?

Cristina said...

i meant to say "knottieknitter here"....duh....should have read it over before posting!