Monday, February 04, 2013

Puppy sitting!

Cuteness overload!

We've been lucky to watch this little cutie for a little while. She's Truffles, a Yorki/Malteser girl, almost four month old, and has a lot of spunk! She scared the boys a little, and Maggie too, because lets face it, it would freak us out too, when our toys came to life all of a sudden.

puppy sitting

puppy sitting

 puppy sitting

Eek! It's alive!

puppy sitting

puppy sitting

puppy sitting

puppy sitting

puppy sitting

puppy sitting

puppy sitting

puppy sitting

One thing's for sure, I know that I don't want a fourth dog, no matter how cute they are.


Marita said...

Ohhh Monika, ist der süüüß. Aber ich kann Dich gut verstehen, drei große Hunde reichen, einen vierten auch wenn er noch so klein und niedlich ist, ist schon auch Arbeit.
Aber die beiden haben doch erstmal Spaß, sieht auf alle Fälle so aus. Ich würde so einen kleinen gerne noch nehmen, aber ich habe ja auch "nur" zwei.
Viel Spaß mit dem Zwerglein und liebe Grüße

Eva said...

Came here from "The knitting seaman":if the word "puppy" (or dogs or cats) appear I just have to look...
Lovely pics! Think I almost can see what your dog (Happy?) is thinking:)
"WHERE did it go???" And he looks a bit tired in the last one.
Lovely colours in the one below also!

... Bimbi said...

Ha, ha, a wind up toy!!
Bimbi x

wolltrunken said...

Haha, herrlich! Ueber das vorletzte Bild musste ich laut loslachen.

Liebe Gruesse

von Birgit

CelticCastOn said...

lol oh my goodness she's sooo tiny compared to Happy!

Samantha said...

Very cute!! I love how dogs interact with other dogs.

old lady said...

Those pictures are adorable!! Especially the third one done. She looks like she is prancing - queen of everything! Bet everyone slept soundly at night.

Amy said...

Third picture down .....that little prance= PRECIOUS! An entertaining day for your pups I'm sure.

Amy said...

Third pic the little walk.An entertaining day for your pups Im sure.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oh my goodness! She's adorable! Will she get much bigger than that?

Anonymous said...

Nun, im Verhältnis zu den großen Hunden ist der kleine ein "Drei-Camembert-Hoch".. ;-)
Aber süß ist er schon! Bloß hätte ich Angst, ich überseh ihn mal und fall über ihn drüber..

LG Elena

Ruth said...

I need one of those little doggies.

Toby Sterman said...

The size difference between Truffles and your full size dogs is even greater than between my donkey and the horses!

I bet all 4 dogs are exhausted after a day together (humans too).

Carrie K said...

Oh but she is so adorable!! And your action shots of her and Happy are amazing.

Virginia G said...

She is so cute!

Kinda of inspires me to get a small dog. She must be superfast to knit sweaters for.

Susan said...

She's so much smaller than your dogs! Adorable!

Walden said...

She is just too adorable! When the hubby and I get a house, I want a second dog.

Unknown said...

Awwww, what a cutie pie! I want one! No I don't. Yes, I do.

I like little peanut sized pets.

2paw said...

Oh she's so tiny and I love Happy investigating the tiny alive thing. He looks so gentle, but giant next to her.

Friederike said...

No 4th dog? You should try 6 and throw in a cat for good measure. That little one is precious but so are your big ones.
Gruesze aus Indiana

AdrieneJ said...

Oh dear, this was almost too cute for me to read! How sweet that dear Happy was so intrigued!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this post! I have been ill for nearly a week now and needed something to perk me up! Awesome, I love the photos. ;) Anita