Friday, February 08, 2013

Pups and a Winter Storm

First real Winter Storm in years! That's what the media said. As long as I don't have to go anywhere today, I'm so happy about it! As are the pups! We've got lots of fun in the snow. Denny usually doesn't run that much, but today he's like a different dog.

snow day Feb. 8

Of course all he wants to do is take away the toys, and bite their "ankles".

snow day Feb. 8

snow day Feb. 8

No privacy for the wicked!I was concentrated on Maggie's face, and didn't see Denny taking a whiz in the background.

snow day Feb. 8

He has to work hard to get through the snow. Blurry photo, but I still like it.

snow day Feb. 8

Maggie's crazy face. :o)

snow day Feb. 8

Mr. D - cocky much?

snow day Feb. 8

Happy is digging for toys.

O.K. that's it for today. You'll find us outside!

♥ ♥ ♥


momsue84 said...

So cute and fun!! Those three are a real crew! I'll bet you laugh a lot, Monika!

Jeph said...

Beautiful dogs! I love watching our border collie and beagle run around in the snow...

Zenitude said...

How lucky! I'm a few hours north of you and we're not getting all that snow :-(
However, our son is in your area and he's having trouble with his snowblower!

Lenard said...

I just love your dogs! :-)

Unknown said...

Holy smoke! Look at all that snow!

It's good that you and the pups are able to enjoy it. The best part is after all that playing, you get tired, but happy pups.

Enjoy the day.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The cats and I are staying inside - but the pups do look like they are having fun!

Carrie K said...

They look like they're having loads of fun!

Rhonda said...

I love how crazy they get for the snow. Ladydog loves it too.

CelticCastOn said...

Wow you've got lots already. It isn't supposed to start until midnight tonight here.
Happy Snow Day!

Samantha said...

Ha ha. Very cute! Dozer was out playing in the snow today with my kids. Pics will be up on the blog tomorrow. :)

Amy said...

Just love the pups in the snow. I would have to be inside wacthing from a window,Brrrrrrrr.Its a sunny 64 here in Texas.

lexa said...

We're getting the most snow we've had at one time in like 5 years starting tonight and all day tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it, but my two girls are! :)

Grammy Braxton said...

I love your posts about the dogs. They are so happy and fun to look at. I'm glad you like the snow because I'm really glad it is there and not here.


My Five Sons said...

Wow look at that snow~~

2paw said...

I love all their funny faces and Denny is having such a great time. Poor Happy, having his ankles nipped!! Maggie looks very funny with her goofy expression!!

monica said...

I love seeing pictures of happy pups in snow!!