Monday, April 30, 2012

Sundown - Old Forge # 3

I'm so happy that my Old Forge # 3 is done! I've got tons of photos to share:

handspun Old Forge # 3 done
This is it's temporary place for a while. The dogs leave it alone, even Denny.

handspun Old Forge # 3 done

handspun Old Forge # 3 done

handspun Old Forge # 3 done
I love how the color transitions look.

handspun Old Forge # 3 done
I love how the zig-zag border came out.

handspun Old Forge # 3 done

handspun Old Forge # 3 done
The knit on cast off edge took forever, so it seemed.
I didn't have to spin more yarn, in fact I had about 3yds left over of the Pale Aqua yarn. :o)
handspun Old Forge # 3 done

I used handspun yarn again.
This as the main color: Pale Aqua on Falkland, dyed by Ginny of FatCatKnits: I only needed 24oz of this, ten ounces less than for my first one, which was made with thicker yarn.
FCK Falkland-Pale Aqua-3-ply-277yds-2

and the contrasting colors: I have enough left over from these to make one or two hats.
FCK semi solids for Old Forge # 3-2

pattern: Old Forge by Stephen West
yarn: handspun by me, fiber from FatCatKnits, Falkland, 3-ply
needle: 5mm
size after steam blocking: 53" in diameter
mods: I left out the lace pattern again and added the stitch pattern earlier instead. I made the spokes the same length this time. I did the stripes where the stitch pattern should have been. Used smaller needle. Didn't do the purl rounds in the inner circle, just plain stockinette stitch rounds.

I think I'm done now with this pattern, but I must say, I loved knitting all three of them. That I made them with my handspun yarn was one reason for it. I don't think I would have done this three times with commercial yarn.
I'll move on now.
Oh, and since somebody always asks, if I were to sell this blanket, I would ask $ 1,200.00 plus shipping and handling for it. :o)



... Bimbi said...

That is truly amazing! What a labour of love.
Bimbi x

cauchy09 said...

such a lovely project from start to finish, M! your price is too low.

Maria Kjellgren said...

how beautiful is that...?

Michelle said...

This is my favorite of all three of your blankets! Lovely. :-)

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

this is absolutely stunning monika! LOVE it!

Beverly said...

I've loved seeing all of your interpretations of this pattern.

I agree with Cauchy. Your price is way too low. Handspun + Handknit = Higher Price.

juniperjune said...

this is fabulous! the outer ring of color is perfect, and provides a balancing element that really adds to the original pattern!

Carrie K said...

I love how each incarnation of this pattern brings out different parts of the pattern. Nice colors.

So, snow last week, is it blazingly hot now?

monica said...

Beautiful!!! I love the colors you used.

Kelly said...

Wow. I am in awe. That is the most stunning blanket! I bow to you and your knitting skills!!

Walden said...

Love it! In your opinion, do you think this blanket would work okay with a non-wool, maybe even acrylic?

Stirling said...

This one is my favorite! The colors, and that gradient! So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That is just gorgeous!

Sharon said...

Your Old Forge is beautiful!! And it's worth the money you would charge for it.

I love that you used your handspun. That's a wake up call for me. (I'm always saving my hand spun like it's supposed to serve some other purpose.)

2paw said...

The price sounds right to me. I love the colour changes too and I do love the red/orange and aqua!! It's so striking.

Crochet with Raymond said...

Just stunning, they are all totally gorgeous X

Karen S, Lykkefanten said...

so utterly beautiful! Each blanket has been stunning, but this is my favorite, it's just perfect!