Monday, April 23, 2012


We had snow flurries yesterday morning, and today it's windy and cold. This is what I see when I look out my studio window into the back yard.

view from my studio window
This year there is no bunny nest in the flower beds. I saw the beginning of one, but is was never finished. I hope they are smart enough to NOT have babies on our property, because all three of the dogs hunt the old ones, grassing mercilessly. Maggie is quite fast, and the one she was hunting could feel her hot breath on his little tail for sure. Only the fence stopped her. Lucky bunny.
This is the extend of my herb garden this year. Chives:
my herb "garden" - chives

That's Old Forge # 3 at the beginning of the 600 stitches per round stage. Only 35 rounds of that to go before I can begin the garter stitch bind off border. The colors are not accurate, because of a late night photo.
Old Forge # 3 in progress-3

But here are better pictures of the yarn.
Old Forge # 3 in progress
The big Pale Aqua yarn cakes are 6oz. The small ones are left over, but I will use them before the border somehow.

Old Forge # 3 in progress

Fitting nicely in my little basket, ready to go wherever I'm settling down to knit.

And a doggy picture or two: Happy enjoying sunlight and a nap.

Maggie and Denny in the crate:
Maggie & Denny in the crate

I had to be fast taking this picture, because Maggie left "the building" right after. She was in the crate first, but Denny likes to sleep in it too, so he just pushed his way in there, and made himself comfortable. This crate is right beside my desk in the studio. The top is a convenient space to put a small recycling bin, box of dog treats, and other stuff that gets collected too fast. They love to be in there during the day.



Wanderingcatstudio said...

Can't wait to see Old Forge #3

It's just been cold and rainy here - no snow.

BeatrixB said...

so what do you with all these things you knit? They are so gorgeous! Do you sell them, or donate them to charities?

I usually give mine away to good friends who appreciate it, because you could never things for what I believe their worth would be.

Best wishes from semi-warm Tennessee


Sharon said...

Your Old Forge looks squishy, wonderfully warm and lovely.

And Happy sleeping in the last rays of sunshine looks warm and lovely, too.

Susan said...

My guys like their crates too. Do your dogs leave your chives alone?

2paw said...

Rabbits are an introduced pest and the farmers and park rangers and scientists are always out to stop them. They really just need Maggie!!
I bet you are finished the shawl now, I love the red colours wit the aqua.
Poor Maggie, I can see she was so comfortable in there and Denny just doesn't care, does he?? He wants to be there and he makes himself at home. I can see Maggie starting to lave.