Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Denny, Denny ....

I'm spending more time in my studio lately, and when I do, the boys are with me of course. It's not the same for them as in the basement, where they can run and play on the carpet flooring.


The floor here is wood flooring, and they can do some awesome sliding action, which they enjoy doing also. Most of the time however, they just sleep in various places, or watch the world go by through the window.

Denny, of course, gets bored after a while.
He tries out different places to sleep, but nothing seems to be comfortable for long.

So he starts emptying the bin full of chew toys.

But that looses it's fascination quickly, maybe he has ADD? Then he decides to make his very own nest...


... and chews a little. Oh, I just have to tell you about the coffee table. You've seen Denny ON it some time ago. A few days ago, I was looking for a particular bag of fiber, which I knew was in there.

Denny was the only one with me, when I opened first the one hatch, then the other, rummaging through it. He was watching me. Later I told my son, that I've had made a mistake in doing so in front of Denny. The next day I found him trying to get it open, first he nuzzled the rusty metal thing, which I used, but since that didn't work for him, he tried to open the lid with his teeth, like he does with the food container, grabbing it by the corner. It didn't work either, but I knew he would give it a try, since he knows now that it's possible.


When he does those things, Happy gets upset and hides, or is very uncomfortable, while watching his goofy brother being a brat.


Because, after he had done all those things, he started to get himself some books out of the shelves. I think he has good taste, OR is he trying to tell me something?




Ann said...

Whau! He's clever, Denny.
He hasn't got ADHD - he's just very clever and needs to be challenged. But of course, you know that.
I often put small treats under cups and small bowls turned upside-down on the floor. 5-6 of them. My dog have to use much energy and brains to get all the treats from the very different cups and bowls out. Then she's relaxed and satisfied for a long time.
But then again, you probably know that game.

Freyalyn said...

I was about to say exactly the same thing - that is a very clever dog you have there. Thank heavens he's with someone who realises this and will deal with him accordingly; far too many bright dogs end up being rehoused or worse because no-one challenges and channels them. You need to teach him how to knit!

Toby said...

I imagine he was thinking that his nest would be much more comfortable with a few bags of fiber. :) What a smart boy he is!

CelticCastOn said...

He is a crafty one isn't he. Smarter than the average bear I'd say!
The couch looks like it was made for Happy, he looks so regal sitting on it.

Susan said...

Denny reminds me of Cooper: too smart for his own good.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

You know when you see a title like that... he's been up to no good.

Virginia G said...

That is fantastic! I had a very smart dog once. He made it his life's mission to embarrass me in public. :)

Michelle said...

Good boy, Denny! You're so clever!

Anonymous said...

I love all of the dog pictures, especially the first one. Your boys are so handsome.

My dog food container has a baby lock on it. The day the dogs learn to open it I am in trouble.

lexa said...

Denny looks so innocent! lol

Sharon said...

That Denny is a fast learner! He's only trying to 'help' you out by making some reading suggestions. I suggest you open the book and let him read to you.

2paw said...

Denny has such sad ears in the first picture!! Then he's off to play lots of games, all by himself. I love his nest and his choice of books and he's an excellent roller on the floor on his back. It is difficult being the Middle Dog!! He's such a cutie!!

Claudia Bugh said...

I love your studio!!! It's such a bright happy space ~

Watching Denny is always a hoot - LOL Have you tried giving Denny elk antlers to chew on? That is something I've recently discovered and they last forever.

Carrie#K said...

Uh oh, it's only a matter of time before Denny liberates your fiber, the clever boy.

I believe Happy wants a little You and Me time. :)

Your Andrea shawl is beautiful!! Eleventh shawl this year? Wow.

Walden said...

I agree, smart little guy! Although it does make me happy that Wookie isn't quite that inquisitive! :)

Lifesastitch said...

Such gentlemen!

Andi said...

I just think Denny is a natural born entertainer! He is quite brilliant.