Saturday, August 08, 2009

Happy at 10 weeks

Happy – 10 weeks: what we/he have/has learned so far:

His name.
Biko’s name.
Sons name.
No. No. No! No! No!
Lets go pee.
Sit. (since this gets him food, and out of the crate).
Get off! Recognized but mostly ignored.
Fetching is beneath me. Or - I’ll get it, but you can’t have it!
There’s never enough food in the bowl.
The water dish is his personal swimming pool.
He’s sharing his swimming pool freely with all his chew toys.
He can take from Biko whatever he wants, whenever he wants.
She’s there for his amusement only.
Her food is his food.
His food is his food alone.
Crate time is not acceptable.
Telling that he has to pee/poop is well and good, but who can wait for these slow humans?
Given boots, helmet and rope he can climb anything.
Getting down is another matter.
Jumping on the sofa, since he’s too big now to crawl under it.
Yoghurt containers, as well as empty plastic water bottles are great toys.
He can take himself outside on this darn leash. (get it off, get it off!)
Walking on leash works well - when it’s in the direction he wants too.
Being carried is his right.
Birds are scary, lawn mowers are not.
Glass doors hurt, when taken head on.
Chasing own tail is fun, even if one gets dizzy.
Chair cushions are there to sit on.
Biko is a big chew toy. Especially her tail, mouth, eyes and chest.
The space under the desk is a forbidden zone, so it must be reached any chance one gets.
Water is fun, did I mention water is fun?
White vinegar is NOT water.
Yarn balls are fun too, especially if being chased through the house is the result of grabbing them.
Paper is there to be shredded.
Paper towels are there to be shredded.
Sleeping through the night is for dummies.
He can sleep great during the day, any time he wants to, as long as he wants to.
Humans are suckers.
The world is his food, and chew toy.
Stones are good too. Lick, lick, crunch, crunch, yummy!
Toads are not as tasty as he thought.
Little puppy nails grow quickly and can scratch painfully.
He’s faster than I am in an open field. And besides, he’s part rabbit!
Birkis are still kicking, and his best sleeping buddies.
Puppies are exhausting.
Left alone he’ll definitely kill himself.
What were we thinking?


A few days ago, Happy had his first bath. Biko is wishing we'd drown him, I'm sure, and if so, she wants to witness it first hand.

Happy's first bubble bath Aug. 5-2 Happy's first bubble bath Aug. 5-1

A treat after good behavior in the bath tub:

after first bubble bath- Aug. 5-3

What? I'm eating!

after first bubble bath- Aug. 5-2

Rest IS for the wicked...

after first bubble bath- Aug. 5-11



hakucho said...

Every now and then I get the urge to get a puppy, but after reading your list I am exhausted. Guess I'll just have to look at your cute pictures instead ;)

Dave said...

LOL! Sound like you're having fun. :-)

momsue84 said...

Oh, so cute!! I know what you mean out puppies. But, this, too, shall pass.

coolingstar9 said...

Biko is the happy one that always taken care of. Biko is active and playful. It surely bring joy to your many years.
Let's cheer, have the nice day.

Ruth said...

he is the cutest dog and I bet he exhausts you at the end of the day!

CelticCastOn said...

And worth every moment huh!
He's so stinking adorable, I bet Biko's secretly glad he didn't drown she's just not gonna show it for a while ;)

Susan said...

Thank you for a great giggle on a gloomy day! So true and so funny!

Anonymous said...

so cute!!!
the puppy as well as your comments.
hope you can get some sleep!

Bea said...

na, Langweile ist momentan nicht dein Problem *gg*

Martina said...

Ich habe sehr geschmunzelt bei diesem Post ;-). Ich wünsche Dir noch viel Freude mit Deinem Hund!

Lieben Gruß

Strickfimmel said...

Ich denke, Du hast momentan keine Langeweile, oder?! Mit einer Lachträne im Auge habe ich Deine Auflistung gelesen. Da ist richtig Stimmung in der Bude. Du, Biko und Happy scheint ja sehr viel "Spaß" zu haben. Mal sehen, wer länger durchhält.

knitomi said...

It's not easy to integrate a new member into the family and I had to chuckle at the long list.

After looking at the last pix though I came to the conclusion that some of the items must be fabricated - Happy looks like a little angel !!!

Viel Geduld und Ausdauer wünscht Dir

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I laughed from start to finish!

Very amusing insight to a puppy's mind :)

Lucky he's soooo adorable!

shannon said...

i adore his little bitty face. and biko's watchful eye.

Carrie K said...

LOL! I'll bet Biko wanted to drown him if he's chewing on her tail, paws and CHEST?! Puppies.

But he's sooooo cute.

Sharon said...

Hang in there, Monika! Cute covers a myriad of crimes! Happy is the new pack leader, and so you don't forget, DOGS RULE!

Hang in there Biko!

illusions said...

Yep! I gave my stray a bath on Saturday, she too gets very confused there after but the treat always helps her to sleep off immediately. Give Biko my love.

hannah said...

Monika, this is so funny. He is a busy boy...

Remember this (I am sure you know this already): it will get better in time.
We now have reached the point we are starting to forget about all the things you mentioned and Ysja is not even one year old yet.

Dreams of Yarn said...

OH MY he is just so so so so cute.

2paw said...

This list sounds SO familiar!!! Gilly and Happy are a pair. Gilly won't do 'Off', when she's on the bed. I have to push her off, she's wicked!! Happy is so gorgeous, and such a good boy really: look how sweet he is!! Lots of pats and cuddles to Biko, who has to put up with all the teasing!!!

T-Mom said...

Major awwwwws. Enjoy the puppy stage--they grow up so fast!