Monday, August 10, 2009

German Twisted Stitch Socks

I thought that was a nice thing to do, for those of us, who could not go to Sock Summit. What am I talking about? Jody Pirrello offered up three free sock patterns for us sock crazies in this special issue of Knotions Magazine. Enjoy!

I've finished a pair of socks, no not recently, back in June. It's socks, but it should have been a pair of knee heighs. I did not have enough yarn for that. I only make one bell underneath the big design. The interesting thing though, is the Italian cast on. I like it! I've used it since several times. It looks neat, and it's strechier than the usual long tail cast on I use.

italian cast on-1 italian cast on-2 italian cast on-3

Here you can see how a wonderful knit knee heigh should look like. Her stitch definition is way better than mine.

Twist stitch socks finished-4

The yarn is a cheap one, but it's not nice to work with. It's splitty, and as I said, the stitch definition is not great.

Twist stitch socks finished-3

pattern: Schachenmayr nomotta, Inspiration Nr.32 # 4331
yarn:, Sock-It-To-Me in green, 2 balls each 50g
needles: 2.5mm
size: womens 10.25"
start-finish: May 19-June 16

This booklet has several other nice twisted stitch knee heigh patterns in it.

I'm a bit in a knitting funk, lost mojo maybe? All I want to do is spin. I've seen people have startitis all over the place, but I don't even want to cast on something new. Picked up my sweater and knit an inch or so, put it away again. I finished all the crochet squares a while ago, and just today I started assembling them, but not really feeling the love for it right now. On the other hand, I've printed out a gazillion new patterns, which I liked, to add to all those others already waiting forever to be knit.



Tricô e Mais Tricô said...


Ewespecial said...

Thanks for the reminder of Knotions. I appreciate the sock patterns since I was envious of those who did attend sock summit!

Dreams of Yarn said...

I think the urge to knit/spin/sew whatever comes in waves. If you do multiple things especially. I go through long periods of just knitting, or just sewing and then BAM something inspires me and I jump to the other thing. And looking at those socks, WOW, you did a great job, even though they arent knee high they are very lovely.

Sharon said...

My knitting 'shut off valve' is in April/May/June. That's when my knitting mojo takes it's break.

Maybe this is your time.

No matter, knitting mojo is like a boomerang. It always comes back.

Siena said...

Very pretty socks!

wanderrast said...

Liebe Monika!
ein tolles Muster.
du hast solch einen kreativen Blog,
komme immer wieder schauen und Ideen holen und möchte dir daher gerne einen Preis übergeben.
wenn du möchtest, kannst du ihn bei mir abholen.
einen liebe Gruß Elfi

Renata S. P. said...

That's a really Beautiful pair of socks!! I love it!

I understand what you say about starting new projects. I think I'm feeling the same for these days.

Carrie K said...

It's pops pretty nicely on that yarn too, very nice. That pattern is cute too.

momsue84 said...

Don't feel bad. I get the knitting crazies in August every year. I get all excited about new patterns, booklets, yarns, etc. But, when I pick up the needles, I feel meh and put them back down. I think it's the 90+ degree weather we are finally getting here.

Anettes Sockis said...

Sehr schön, viele Grüße Anette

illusions said...

Beautiful and I love the colour! Alas no knitting till November for me. :-(

Cecie said...

huch, das kommt mir bekannt vor!

genau dieses paar, allerdings in rot und in einer kniestrumpfvariante (deine sehen irgendwie kürzer aus...) habe ich in meiner re-strick-neuzeit gestrickt. sehen toll in grün aus!

liebe grüsse, Cecie

Kris B said...

That Italian cast on looks interesting. From the pictures you took the stitch definition looks very nice to me :).

I'm in a knitting funk to. Mine is different though. I have a huge desire to knit but not much time to do it.

Only wanting to spin doesn't sound so bad to me :).

hannah said...

Lovely socks!!