Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome, Happy!

The reason for my silence last Friday was this: Furrari's Edelweiss Happy!

Copy of Happy July 11-23

We call him Happy! He's out of Ice Man and Abby, which makes him a nephew to Biko. (Abby and Biko have the same Sire Ryder. He was the most beautiful dog, also Sam's Sire). I was not thinking of getting a new puppy so soon, but when Marion offered me a boy from her last litter, I did not have to think to long to make a decision. Thank you Marion, for this wonderful boy!

Copy of Happy July 11-24

Isn't he cute? Well, all puppies are cute, but he's MY new cute boy. We picked him up Friday morning. This is what we saw when we arrived.

Copy of July 10-Happy is far left

puppies are 6 1/2 weeks old

One pup has already been picked up, so eight were left. In this shot our Happy is the furthest left. We had four male pups to choose from. I didn't choose him, DS David did. I could not decide.
Copy of July 10-barely a substitute for his siblings

We thought we were prepared for a new pup, but as it turned out, Happy's personality is different from Biko's and Sam's. He is very adventurous, does not fear anything. Sounds, no matter of what kind make him go check it out (he only runs to hide when Biko gives warning barks), everything else needs to be explored right away. He's also very fast. We could take out Biko and Sam without a leash to potty for quite some time, before they ventured away from us too far, not Happy! He'll soon needs to be leashed out front for his own safety. That means we have to put a collar on real soon. He'll be 7 weeks coming Tuesday. His neck is so thin, even the puppy collar we have for him is way too big.

Copy of Happy July 11-8

Out back he can run free as much as he likes, but there are many places I don't want him to go, especially near the swimming pool. The other thing is, I have to shuffle now, feel quite stupid doing it, but he's always around and between my feet, and I'm worried that I'm going to step on him one day.

Copy of Biko and Happy July 11-23

By the way, I LOVE my Birkis! They gave me back my sleeping hours during the night. Happy loves to snuggle up to my Birkis, don't ask me why, because it's just them, no other old shoes will do. After the first almost sleepless night, I didn't care and was prepared to sacrifice my shoes. Thank God, he just snuggles up with them, so I can wear them during the day. :o)

my new Birki's

Everything else is not safe from his teeth. Even the tile floor needed to be tasted. He's worn down his first nylabone already, took him only one and a half days. The Vet was very impressed with his long canine teeth. :o)

Copy of Happy July 11-3

Oh, yeah, we went to the Vet's with him on Friday as well. He seems to be in very good health, and while there he sat on the Vet's lap on the floor, chewing on a healthy treat (no other dog likes them, must be VERY healthy). He was quite fine on his back, sitting there like a little Buddha.

Copy of Happy July 11-21

Of course I've got about 100 photos of him, and him and Biko within the first two days. There are more on flickr if you like to see them.

Copy of Happy July 11-17

Right now, as I write this, he's sleeping in his crate in the kitchen. He likes it in there, as long as the door stays open. But if I dare to close it, he'll scream bloody murder. Still, he has to learn to stay in there eventually. He sleeps in another crate in my bedroom, if he sleeps. As I said, I was at my wits end the first night, when he snuggled up beside my shoes, which I took and put both, him and a shoe in the crate, and we all could sleep for a while.

Copy of Biko and Happy July 11-4

Happy was wiggling so hard, that he's just a blurr here.

Biko was very careful sniffing him from tip of the nose to his tail. When Happy's obnoxious loud, she goes her ways, as far away as possible. But if he's silently running around, she wants to sniff him some more. She does not seem to have motherly instincts. We have to tell her to play with him, and slowly more and more each day (this is day 3), she warms up to him. Her kind of playing is throwing him a bone, and daring him to take it. She told him off a few times, i.e. when she was eating, he wanted to look into her bowl, or in the bedroom, when he wanted to curl up besides her, she said, no way, that's my place. Since she's officially a senior dog, getting close to 8 years of age, and besides, he's a puppy and has to learn his place in his new pack, she gets to tell him off.

Copy of Biko and Happy July 11-5

For as long as they are not equal of weight (or Happy is not able to defend himself), we don't leave them alone together.

I don't get anything done right now. I did however spend a lot of time with him on the kitchen floor. Me knitting on a scarf, and him eventually sleeping.

Did I mention he learned his name the second day (which was yesterday). He's so smart! It's amazing. When I call him and say, "Happy, lets go pee!" he runs to the front door already! Well I'm amazed by that.

We already had a fight over a yarn ball. I think he hasn't heard of number one rule in this house yet, "Don't mess with mom's fiber and fiber equipment!!!" Which makes it rule number two and three as well, since this is very important.

I'm writing this on Sunday morning. We were outside, and now everybody is sleeping. Biko is under my desk, warming my feet, while the little devil is in his crate, bliss!

I might have called him Sam several times, but I'll get used to this new guy in my life soon. I'm glad that he's nothing like Sam so far. I want him to be different and all his own personality. As the Vet said, "He's got big shoes to fill." (and he also said, that Happy won the lottery, and doesn't even know it. ) :o)

I guess that's enough for now. And peaceful time's running out, I can feel it.

PS His green ear comes from the tattoo he's got there.


Strickfimmel said...

Herzlich Willkommen Happy,
er ist soooooooooooo süß. Ich habe mich sofort in ihn verliebt. Er sieht aus wie Stofftier, so weich und knubbelig. Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Zeit und viele starke Nerven. Ich weiß wovon ich rede. Luna hat die Fotos auch gesehen. Ich hatte sie auf dem Schoß als ich am PC saß. Sie war am pfiepsen und hat den Kopf gedreht und die Ohren aufmerksam hochgestellt, als ich ihr erzählte, wen sie da auf den Fotos sieht. Auch Luna mag Happy.

Angelika said...

OMG what a cutie. I didn't think you'd get a new puppy so soon either, but I think I see why David picked him. He's the oddball with the floppy ear. It's so cute.

Walden said...

Happy is adorable! That is nice that you were able to get a puppy within the same family.

Robin said...

I am SO happy for you! He's adorable!!

lexa said...

He is the CUTEST!! Congratulations! Look at the size difference between Happy and Biko -- I know he's just a baby, but it's hard to believe he'll grow so much in a year!

When we first got Maggie we didn't leave her and Jewel alone together. Maggie stayed fairly small, I thought she was going to be bigger. (Got a feeling she was the runt of the litter - she has the look about her that she should be bigger.) Anyways, I still have to watch them cuz Jewel gets really rough with Maggie. Maggie doesn't take any crap off of her, but I'm sure Jewel must outweigh her by 20-25lbs.

Kris B said...

He is adorable! I love the name Happy.

Tracy Purtscher said...

awwwww a new puppy!!!! Must be in the ether of blogland, another online bud just got two new pups. :o)

I totally understand you're apprehension about getting another so soon and then hoping and praying they are different from the loved one now gone cuz those are paws too large to fill. It was a little less than 3 months after Titan was gone that we got IdaMae. They are not exactly the same but have similar personalities which is a good thing really, she fits just right with just a enough of a difference.

sittin and knittin said...

*smile*...((((hugs)))) Welcome Happy, he makes me happy just looking at him! What a cutie!

wooly said...

He is just so adorable and soooo white!
Thanks for telling us all about him, we also have a new little golden retriever puppy and it is good to know that we are not alone to be a little worn out by the wonderful energy puppies can have.

Maggie said...

Congratulations! Beautiful puppy! Will Happy's ear stay green for long?

knitomi said...

Happy times are here again . . . . .

Ein ganz herzliches Willkommen Baby Happy von Deinen Freunden im Blogland!

What a nice surprise for us, what a sweet face, so happy for you Monika!
Welcoming him into the family shows how much you loved dear Sam and how much love you have to give this lucky fellow - his middle name could be Lucky indeed!

Er ist zum abschmuddeln süss, aber ich glaub auch ein richtiger Lausbua!!!

Wishing all of you many happy and healthy years together,

beemybear said...

Really cute!

Knitted Zebra said...

He is adorable! What joy he will bring!! Love his name as it appears to be very fitting!

Hugs to Biko and Happy from Samson, Sasha and Sweetie.


Rooie said...

What a darling pup! Makes me want one and I'm really mostly a cat person.

He sure looks as though he'll live up to his name!

Sabine said...

Gratulation zum Familienzuwachs!!! So süß ist er, der Kleine. Und mach nur recht viele Photos - wir haben unseren Freddy jetzt sieben Wochen, und wenn wir die ersten Bilder mit ihm heute vergleichen, dann ist es ganz unglaublich, wie schnell die Viecher wachsen. Und Hunde, die einem einfach so passieren, sind oftmals besser als von langer Hand geplante. Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Spaß und Freude mit dem Knuffelchen, und wenn er erst ein paar Wcochen älter ist, kannst du nachts auch wieder durchschlafen.
Grüßlis, Sabine und Freddy

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Your house rules crack me up!

All of his pictures are gorgeous ~ he's going be movie star handsome.

Happiness is..... a new puppy.

Susan said...

What a sweetie! Congratulations on the new baby!

ZiZi said...

Hach *schmacht* .... Happy ist so süsssss und kann auch happy sein, dass er bei dir gelandet ist!

Ich wünsche euch eine schöne und lange gemeinsame Zeit! DAS wird aufregend werden *g*

Liebe Grüsse - ZiZi

GoldenTracks said...

Well, Monika, so glad to see you have a new pup. I understand you're not being sure you were ready. I mourned the loss of a dog for a very long time once and swore I wasn't ready for a new one.
Funny how the focus the new pup requires seems to take some of the pain of a loss away.
Happy is beautiful....and quite a little devil too.
Have fun. Congrats.

Knit for Joy said...

Oh, congrats! Happy is so darned cute! I love the way one ear perks up and the other flops. And he has such an infectious grin that it's easy to see how he got his name. :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

He's gorgeous! I want a puppy!

Kathy... said...

Hi there. I used to read your blog regularly, but for some reason, I have not visited for some time. I am just starting to spin, and seemed to remember that you were just starting to spin when I last visited. So...I stopped by tonight. And...shed a few tears for Sam. I am so sorry to hear that you lost him. Seriously..real tears.

Happy that you have "Happy" though. He is so adorable!

Oh, and your spinning is beautiful. Just the inspiration that I needed. I'll be back...sooner rather than later!

BevMakesStuff said...

Oh my goodness!! He is TOO cute!

Mo said...

Congratulations on your new family member! Happy is an adorable little guy.

2paw said...

Dear Monika and Biko, I am so glad to meet Happy!! Congratulations!! How wonderful, he is a gorgeous little pup and I love the pictures of Biko and Happy together!!! I love his little green ear, The Labradors get a green tattoo here when they are desexed!! Harki,Peri and Gilly send lots of puppy love!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new addition - he is peppy!

Anonymous said...

I KNEW you were going to get a puppy - he is a real cutie. That floppy green ear is just the ultimate touch of cuteness.

Margie in Maryland

Anonymous said...

such cute photos.
i hope that you will be vey "happy" with your new guy!

shannon said...

oh my word. i can't stand the cuteness!!! love love love him!!

Bea said...

Ach, Monika, ich freu mich ja so für dich!

Dein Happy ist ja soo süß und ich hoffe, er schafft die große Aufgabe, die auch der Tierarzt gesehen hat - diese großen Schuhe, die er ausfüllen soll.
Gib ihm eine reelle Chance, in diese Fußstapfen zu treten.

Was hat er denn für ein grünes Ohr?

Grüßle, die Bea

Susan:) said...

What a beautiful boy! The name fits him perfectly. :)

steffi said...

Monika - ich freue mich soooooo sehr für Euch :) Happy ist ja so ein Süßer und es war genau richtig ihn zu nehmen :)
Die grüne Stelle am Ohr vom tätowieren hatte Lotta auch.
Die Bilder sind einfach umwerfend und ich wünsche Euch ganz ganz viel Glück mit dem Schatzemann :)
Liebe Grüße
Steffi :)

Dave said...

Oh, my goodness, what a cutie! And smart! Looks like he's going to keep you on your toes for a while. :-) Welcome, Happy!!

Cecie said...

ach moni, ich freu mich unendlich!

(kein ersatz, sondern ein würdiger nachfolger.)

es wär zu schade gewesen, wenn solch ein toller hundeplatz länger unbesetzt gewesen wäre. mit dem namen kann der kleine kerl nur ein tolles langes hundeleben im kanadischen paradies haben. ich drück dich mal feste und freue mich auf mehr bilder und sicherlich viele lustige abenteuer-geschichten!

Renata S. P. said...

Oh my God!!!!
He is sooooo cute!!!
That's nice you have a new puppy =))
Happy, is a really good name =)
Dogs really bring happiness to our lives!
And yes, I'm going to Flickr right now to see more pictures of this little boy!

Sharon V said...

I'm so excited for you and your family, Monika! Happy is going to fill your days, and for a time, your nights, but isn't love grand?

How can you say Biko doesn't have motherly instincts? She's doing what all mothers do: say "no!" and run when the children whine.

Best wishes with your new blessing!

Donna said...

Monika, this made my day thanks so much for sharing and congratulations on your new family member!

Natys said...

Oh is so adorable!!!! love the pictures.

We are thinking about getting a puppy, of course in a much smaller size, like a Breton for example, I CANT WAIT.

Frieda said...

Congratulations Monika ! He's just adorable , I love that floppy ear ! The vet's right he DID win the lottery . Have fun with your new buddy....

Theresia said...

Hallo Monika!

Happy ist einfach nur süß! Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, wie er das ganze Haus und den Garten erkundet und mit Biko spielen will!

Liebe Grüße

Anonymous said...

Happy looks so adorable and quite the handful! Biko looks like she's not sure about this older sister thing but I'm sure she'll accept him soon. It's probably good that he's younger and a different sex. I checked out the photos on flickr and I imagine you'll be quite busy for a while. I wish I could pick him up and squish him!

Sandra said...

so much cuteness!

momsue84 said...

Oh, Monika!!! He is just adorable! I am so "Happy" for all of you! It's going to be so much fun to watch him grow. I'm glad Biko likes him, too. This time the tears are "Happy" tears. I can tell by your post that you are so thrilled. Good for you, good for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Monika! I have the biggest smile on my face - he is so CUTE....cute overload. It's good that he is different from Sam, and the Happy Shuffle won't last long.

C Staude said...

He is so totally a love! No wonder you have over 100 shots of him already! Keep posting him as he grows...they grow so fast! What a charming little fellow!

Cloudberry said...

And I love his name :)

hannah said...

Congratulations Monika! I am holiday right now so I just leave a short message here. When I am home again I will read your blog more careful!

What a lovely puppy!!

herzlichkreativ said...

Ich freu mich mit dir ueber Happy. Er soll dich happy machen :-)
Was fuer ein knuddliges, suesses Kerlchen. Und dieser treue Blick, wer kann da widerstehen?
Viel Spass und gute Nerven wuensche ich dir.....

illusions said...

Happy is just soooooo cute! Wish him and you a very joyful time together. The pics are really nice especially Happy wiggling his tail! :-D
Give the bundle of joy a big kiss from India.

CelticCastOn said...

MONIKA!!!! OHHHHh how exciting a new little pupster to keep you entertained. Biko will come to love him i'm sure in her own time. I'm off to look at your flickr pics, can't wait to see this little guy grow.

meg said...

Congratulations! He is an adorable puppy. The vet is right - Happy has found the most wonderful new home.

Carrie K said...

Oh my gosh, he's so adorable! Well, puppies. But your puppy is super darling. Happy sounds like a handful and definitely his own man, er dog. Congratulations on the new addition to your family, Monika. And now I am off to awwww over your pictures.

Juli said...

Monika, ich freue mich sehr für euch beide. Happy ist total knuffig!

Ich wünsche euch viele schöne gemeinsame Jahre und freue mich auf jede Menge Fotos von Happy und Biko.

Liebe Grüße, Juli

Mrs. A said...

I just have to add my two cents!! Happy is too cute not to! Some things are just meant to be - I'm so glad he's landed with your family. I'm really looking forward to hearing all about how he settles in.

The socklady said...

What a sweetie, makes me wish for a puppy again. Congrats.

Anett said...

Da hast du aber einen knuddeligen Fang gemacht!! Ich wünsche euch ganz viel Spaß miteinander. Er scheint ja ein ziemlicher Racker zu sein, da wirst du sicher viel um die Ohren haben.
Viele Grüße

Charlene said...

OMG!!! You made my day with the puppy pictures! It's just what I needed, Thank you :)

Pixie said...

Congratulations on the new family member...he looks, so, well, Happy!

Dandy said...

Happy is adorable... congrats on the new addition!!!

Irene said...

What a sweetie! I understand why you're Happy! ;-) I look forward to following the little rascal! Yum!

T-Mom said...

It's always such a shock to have a new puppy--all the things you forgot about from the last time you had one! :-D At that age,the world is their chew-toy.

I still sometimes slip up and call Taenzer "Stella." They're very forgiving.

Knatolee said...

MONIKA!!! I get a little behind on my blog reading and look what happens!! She is SO beautiful! Jah, Happy ist sehr, sehr süß.(I took German in high school for four years.)

He will help heal your heart. :)

Life's a Stitch said...

That would have been a HARD choice.

hakucho said...

Happy is ADORABLE!

Elemmaciltur said...

OMG! So cute! Congrats!!! (Sorry, didn't see this until now because for some reasons, Bloglines wasn't updating your feed.)

Nanette said...

For some reason Bloglines is updating your blog with old posts and I totally missed Happy! He is so cute and your vet is right - he won the puppy lottery. Enjoy your new ball of fluff!