Monday, July 27, 2009

Bloody Toes Socks!

It's about bloody time that I show you my bloody toes socks. Remember when back in April, I was dyeing some sock yarn? It's a messy technique, but I wanted to try it anyway.
Key Lime 2x 50g sock yarn

I had to knit these toe up to see the full range of colors, so I've knit until I ran out of yarn, which made these knee high stockings.

bloody toes knee highs-11 bloody toes knee highs-8

That day, Biko felt it was her turn to be in the pictures. She played footsie with me.

bloody toes knee highs-6

I used a short row heel, don't remember which one. I thought plain simple stockinett stitch would be quite boring for long socks, so I made a baby cable in the middle front and back, knit the inside of the stocking in stockinett stitch, and a ribbing on the outside. I increased stitches as I got higher, as I saw fit. I could have increased a couple more stitches for the cuff, but they are O.K. like that, don't slip and slide.

bloody toes knee highs-5
I like how the rich red fades. Too bad the Key Lime color didn't take as well.

bloody toes knee highs-4 bloody toes knee highs-1

All in all I'm happy with the outcome. I've got one more sock yarn dyed this way, but different color combination.

bloody toes knee highs-10

Biko is happy, and Happy is happy too. That's how he likes to cuddle when he gets tired. Chewing on a chew toy, and getting his belly rubbed. In this picture he's 8 weeks old. He'll be 9 weeks old tomorrow.

July 24-4

Bloody Toes socks:
yarn: self dyed Opal sock yarn, 2 x 50g
needles: 2.25mm DP
start-finish: April 5-14 2009
size: large for me



Renata S. P. said...

Hi Monika!
That's a really beautiful pair of socks! Biko is very gorgeous on pictures too =)
And what can I say about Happy?? He is sooo cute! I just don't get tired of repeating this!

knottygnome said...

that's a very cool dyeing technique. i love the gradual color shift.

Anonymous said...

seriously cute socks! I like the color progression! :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Very neat yarn... and Happy is just so darn cute!

Nina said...

Love your dye job! And cool socks too! :)

CelticCastOn said...

boy he's really grown already! Biko is a cutie.

Frieda said...

Very interesting technique , I really like the colour progression .The pups look cute as ever , hope Biko doesn't mind being called cute ;-0 !

Sharon said...

I love your new socks. How in the world did you find the patience to knit knee socks?! I can barely make it through 2 crew socks.

Biko looks like she's showing her happy face and Happy is still such a cuddly baby boy. Look how he just lays in your arms!

Shoot ... now I want a cuddly doggie too.

BevMakesStuff said...

Excellent socks! I love the dye job.

Happy is too cute! I really love all the pictures of him.

2paw said...

Your dyeing skills are awesome!! Fabulous socks. No wonder Biko wants to play footsies!! Isn't Happy a big baby!!He's beautiful. I loved the video of him, such a pup!!!

Strickfimmel said...

Mir gefällt Dein selbstgefärbtes Garn von den neuen Socken sehr gut. Und Biko und Happy natürlich auch.

Beverly said...

I love how your dye job turned out. I tried the technique after seeing it on your blog and loved the results. It is one of the coolest techniques I've seen.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I *love* how the yarn colors came out ~ the color shift (versus pooling) is my favorite part of hand dyed yarns - so you have red toes - and no one else does :)

I've missed seeing Biko's freckled nose and ~ Happy ~ it just doesn't get more precious than this!!!

Kris B said...

Wow those turned out very nice. I really like how the color goes from the deep red to the lighter color.

Anonymous said...

The bloody toes name is too funny. Those socks look like they'll be great when the weather cools down. I can't wait to see a full sized Happy trying to snuggle like that. And it's good to see Biko still getting some love. :-)

momsue84 said...

Yeah, Bloglines is working, again! I love the socks. So sweet to see a picture of Biko. And little Happy is adorable!!!!!!!

Toby said...

I've been busy and hadn't realized that my bloglines wasn't updating for your site! I just realized it today and WOW what a wealth of color and fiber inspiration I had missed out on for the last couple of weeks.

And Happy....what a cutey! I LOVE the photo of him with Biko outside (a handful of posts ago), he looks so tiny still.

shannon said...

i LOVE the socks!!!

dogs, too. ;)

Alexandra said...

The socks are very pretty, I like the color, it's so interesting! Happy is adorable!!!

monica said...

Those socks are sooo cool! I love the bloody toes! Your dogs are adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

LOve the socks, love their name.
I see that Happy's green ear is up!
margie in maryland

Knatolee said...

That is one super-adorable puppy photo! And Biko is always very handsome.

hakucho said...

Your socks are stunning :) I really like how they knit up!!

Happy looks like a little kangaroo in that very very cute!!

lookinout said...

I love the colour gradations you're getting. The socks are really sharp.
Bloglines hasn't been picking up your posts so tonight there were nine and I've only just heard about Happy. Congratulations.

punkin said...

You inspire me. I get excited about your projects, and this one is no exception. I like how your socks turned out.