Monday, June 29, 2009

A Quarter of a Century!

Yesterday was my daughter Hannah's 25th birthday! She thought now there's no difference between being 25 or 50 years old anymore. I really try hard to forget how old I am, but her birthday is always a painful reminder that I'm 20 years older than her. I guess she means now she's really grown up. At least I can be thankful that she hasn't made me a grandmother yet, which my mom was (twice) at my age. Since she couldn't be home for her birthday, I've sent her a care package with lots of goodies, but also with three bags I've sewn for her. After she was done with University in May, she sent me some of her printed fabric scraps. I decided to sew some of them into tote bags:

Hannah Bag 18
Both tote bags are reversible ( no pattern to link to) , but I show you only the sides I liked best. The above is my favorite. I wonder why. :o)

2. Tote bag one side outside

and this grab bag: it's one bag, but reversible.

3. bag - Grab bag - outside closed3. bag - Grab bag inside out

Before that I was working on these market bags:

Charlie market bag for mom April 28 Charlie market bag-3-April 29 Charlie bag, April 25

The first one went to my mom for mother's day. I must say, she did not really like it. She said it's too small for shopping (maybe in her case it is, since shopping is her hobby). The second one I still have, and will gift it eventually. The last one with the apples was actually the first one I made. I screwed up the handles, but I'm using it as a market bag myself, and it holds quite a lot of stuff. Since I always need more than one bag when grocery shopping anyway, I'm not too bothered, that I can't get ALL of my shopping in ONE bag. :o)

This market bag is called Charlie bag and it's also reversible.

I left my sewing machine out, it came in handy a few times already, just for repairs of pants and other stuff.

I did my good deed of the day early in the morning, when I looked out the window and spotted something still alive in the pool. I rescued a mole, boy was he pissed being caught in this situation. He squeeled for quite some time after his rescue, even after he crawled into hiding, I could still hear him. Guess he was testing his lungs, after almost drowning.

Speaking of swimming in the pool. I had my first swim on Saturday. It was so deliciously warm. Biko joined me, she was so excited. We both were totally toast afterwards from the unusal activity.
Here she is, still wet, but happy and tired. No wonder my second sock is growing so slowly, she's resting her head on the yarn ball. :o) (O.K. that's not fair, I really can't blame her for the sock).
June 26- Biko after swimming in the pool-3



Nina said...

Such wonderful bags! I need to make one of those Charlie bags too, in some pretty fabric. :)

shannon said...

oh i love all your bags! that second of the trio is the coolest fabric!!

biko makes me smile. i love her big nose resting on the sock yarn. what a doll.

Sharon V said...

Happy birthday Hannah! Wow, 25 years old. Enjoy the day, be safe.

And Monika, congratulations for surviving teething, toilet training and the teenaged years.

As for blaming Biko for the sock, yes, it can be done. Just don't do it all the time because she might get angry :)

Renata S. P. said...

Wow... 25 years old! I'll have this age too next october. rsrsrs..
Happy birthday for her! =D
These bags are wonderful!!
I printed the crab bag pattern, just need to convince my mom to sew one for me!
Loved this picture of Biko! She looks very pretty on it!

herzlichkreativ said...

Nachtraeglich alles Gute zu Tochter's Geburtstag.
Superschoene Taschen aus herrlichen Stoffen.

Rhonda said...

Hannah's fabric is wonderful - you'll have to let us know when she's selling it - and where. And the bags look great - especially the one that you like best (me too).

Anonymous said...

I wish my dog liked to swim. That must be fun to go for a swim with her. And she's just giving you an excuse to take a break by holding down the yarn. She's looking out for your best interests.

Anonymous said...

lovely bags!
happy birthday Hannah !

Alexandra said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! I'm 26 and I feel the same way! :)

The bags are beautiful! I love those fabrics!

Knatolee said...

Monika, what beautiful bags! You are so talented. And Biko is lovely, as always.

I am the same age as you, but because I don't have kids, it's easier to pretend I am younger. :) Still, I often look at 20-somethings and think, "Wow, I could be their mother!" That brings me back to reality fast. Happy birthday to your daughter!

Lynn said...

happy birthday hannah!

the bags (and fabric!) are beautiful!

T-Mom said...

Cuuuuuuute Biko pic. How are you guys doing?

Monica aka Gloria Patre said...

I just LOVE your bags! The colors are always so upbeat and vibrant! How could you NOT love going shopping with one of them on your arm? Two would be even better!!

javalulu said...

I love your bags! They are all lovely, but I especially like the fabric on the top bag.

Carrie K said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!!

Biko looks quite cozy on the ball of yarn.

Those market bags are cute. All the bags are cute actually. Sewing them might be more practical than trying to knit a lot of them (ah, thinking out loud and admiring the prints).

Frieda said...

Now there's a happy dog !

Happy birthday Hannah ! Monika , I wouldn't mind being 45 again , seeing as how 60 is only a couple of years away .I keep telling myself that I'm only as old as I feel , most days that's pretty darn good !

The bags are all lovely , nice work !

PS, have to laugh , the word verification thingy is "bling " . Too funny !

Kris B said...

I love the bags you did a great job at using Hannah's fabric scraps.

We're almost the same age. I turn 44 next month. I think the thing that bothers me the most about aging is my eyes. I can't see things as well as I use to ;P.

Happy Birthday to Hannah.

Biko has the nicest pillow.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

You are BOTH just babies yet :)

Lovely bags to the one! Mine which I cherish sits out in my guest bedroom where it brightens up the whole room!

Your story of the mole is tooooo cute ~ wish you had gotten a picture of him LOL

Happy Canada Day.

Anonymous said...

she needs something on which to rest her tired snout!!!
margie in maryland

Beverly said...

You always find the neatest bag patterns. Thanks for sharing the links.

By the way you're still a youngster. I'm staring 50 in the face. (Next year)

illusions said...

Biko cannot be blamed at all! She is so amazingly cute and in this picture. Love the grab bag, very cool!

hannah said...

A bit late but: Happy Birthday for your daughter.

Nice bags. Lovely picture of Biko.

illusions said...

Thanks so much Monika for taking the trouble and dropping by. I feel moved beyond words. Only couple of weeks ago watching "Marley and Me" I howled and cried and finally could let her was a very difficult six months for me. I send my love to Sam and Vanilla always. Also to you, Biko and rest of your family. Give Biko a big hug and a tummy tickle from me. I am an ardent follower of your creativity and will always keep visiting.

Marissa said...

very pretty bags. The shape reminds me of the square cake bag you made way back when- that was how I found you! (I've still not finished that bag.)