Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Crochet Star Blanket

I've been blog hopping, reading as many as I could. I'm visiting the ladies of Mason - Dixon frequently, and saw this picture from their upcoming, new book. I'm telling you, it will be a big hit! You can see a preview here, so far I'm liking everything I've seen. Just saying. :o)

At the beginning of the year I said to myself, this year I'd like to make at least ONE crochet project. Well I made more than that, but this star blanket will be the last one this year. Too much knitting needs to get done, but I've got the crochet bug satisfied for now.

yarn: Butterfly super 10 multi color # 804,"Lipstick", mercerized cotton, 5 balls each 100g ` 1,090yds used
size: tip to tip = 39"; ditch to ditch = 32"
hook: 4mm (G)

start-finish: June 15 - July 20

My all time favorite, and inspiration is Mariella's star blanket. It's just wonderful in those colors.

I made a tiny modification. I did only 2 dc in the corners, instead of 3dc, and it worked out very well. The piece is not flaring, but lying flat as it should.

I don't like mercerized cotton, and yet, I have so much in my stash. I'll use it up by and by, but will not buy more of it. I know it works well for some projects, and it will hold up wear and tear quite well, but - of course there's a but, it's me, not the yarn. Anyway, I still have to finish my one and only UFO - the bliss blanket. I've put it aside for now. It's entrelac, which is O.K. but I WISH I'd worked this blanket with some other yarn, not mercerized cotton. But I'm too far into it, to rip it all out again.

Sam update: He had his left front leg x-rayed. The shoulder is fine, and the elbow has severe arthritis, which we suspected anyway. We stopped giving him Metacam, since it didn't do him any good. Last Sunday we started giving him Prednisone and Tramadol, and we started to see some improvement, or I should say he seemed in less pain. From today on, he'll only get Prednisone. But we also give him glucose supplements. A dear friend mentioned Mandragora D4, and green lipped mussel extract/tablets, and she sent us some. As soon as we'll get it, we'll start giving Sam these as well. Although with atrocities, he will not get better, I hope we can manage the pain, so that he can at least go for short walks, and enjoy being outside in the backyard.

Thank you for all your well wishes!


lexa said...

Love that blanket!

Poor Sam. I hope the new meds help him out with the pain. I have arthritis, too. I've had it since I was quite young. Not fun at all.

Cloudberry said...

Great blanket!
My girl would love a blankey like that - it's pink *lol*

I really hope Sam gets better now with th enew meds.

Brendaknits said...

What a great blanket. Wouldn't it be fun on a little girl's bed?

Anonymous said...

I with you when it comes to not liking crochet and not liking cotton, but I have learned that not all cotton is the same, some is better than others. It's the unforgiving-ness and no memory of cotton that drives me crazy, and the feel gets on my nerves too.

I'm going to add Sam to my prayers! I have arthritis in my hip, of all places so I know how hard it can be to get up and move. How old is poor baby Sam?

Claudia Bugh said...

Love the star blanket - I think in a heavier yarn it would make a fun bath matt.

I hope the meds help Sam. Remember with the Presisone he will need to relieve himself a lot.

Susanne said...

Liebe Monika,
diese Sternendecke ist wunderschön.
Armer Sam, Arthritis ist schlimm, ob für Menschen oder Hunde.
Vielleicht helfen ihm die homöopathischen Mittel doch ganz gut, ständig unter chemischen Drogen zu stehen, kann nicht gut sein. Ich hoffe, Ihr findet noch eine bessere Lösung für ihn.
Es tut mir wirklich leid für ihn und Euch.
Liebe Grüße und die besten Genesungswünsche aus Germany von

Angelika said...

Love the color and the pattern, but I can't stare at it for too long :D. I hope Sam gets better soon. Oh, and keep the entrelac going, but it's never too late to frog and start with a different color rather than finishing it and never wanting to touch it again.

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that you have a plan for Sam. Hopefully he'll be able to be comfortable. It's never fun when you know they are in pain and can't help. Hugs to you both!

Anonymous said...

I love the blanket. Nice color!!

I hope the medicine will help to reduce the pain. Give Same (and Biko too of course) a big hug from me.

sgeddes said...

The blanket turned out well. I'm sorry to hear the news on Sam. I hope he starts to feel better and you can come up with a good way to manage his pain.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sam, arthritis is no fun. I hope this manages his pain well but such a cute picture!

That 8 star blanket is really cute.

hakucho said...

Your star blanket is just stunning :)

Sure hope Sam gets some relief soon, poor baby!

Frieda said...

Beautiful blanket ! I started to crochet a similar blanket but couldn't get the colour joins and the points to look decent , so it's been ripped .
Poor Sam , hope the meds will help .

Kris B said...

That mason dixon pattern looks awesome and I agree I think it will be a big hit. The star blanket has a mesmerizing effect on me :).

I'm glad to hear that you have found some medication that has some improvement for Sam.

T-Mom said...

Poor Sam! And poor you! It's so hard to see them hurting and not be able to help. I hope the gentle exercise and new meds help him feel better.

Mariella said...

Wow! Your Star Blanket is just beautiful - I love the color!
You did a great job in crocheting, but I can agree that after going round and round with this blanket - you need a rest!
It's a great pattern for those oddballs of yarn.

Life's a Stitch said...

After seeing yours, I WILL definitely put one of those in my queue.

CraftyLatin Mama said...

Would you happen to have the pattern for that 8 pattern star? i have went to the post link for it but the Trinket blog no longer has it. very sad! i would love to make that pattern. Thank you!

amskaz said...

I absolutely love the blanket!
I have a new grandson on the way and would love to make one for him ans my daughter likes tie dye things and she would like to get a few tie dye things'
How would I go about obtaining a pattern for this?
I would greatly appreciate it?

Thanks a bunch!