Thursday, May 24, 2007

55 yards!

I didn't know that I could get 55 yds out of 31g of roving! In case you are wondering why my face is distorted, it's because I'm smiling from one ear to the other! I've changed to my Forrester spindle and drafted the hell out of the roving before I started spinning, and all of a sudden it was not that hard to do. It turned out, all washed and plied and puffed up at 12 WPI. So what's that now? This sample is BFL, which I really like a lot. The color - not so much. I'm no pink lover, except when it comes to beautiful naturally blossoms like the above!

It's a dream to spin with the Forrester. The thing is, if I spin with it, I don't have it free for plying, which resulted in an unholy mess, once again. This time I was working with both hands and both feet and sometimes I had to use my teeth as well. I made the mistake of making a center pull ball from the pink single spun. All goes well for a while, but suddenly everything twisted up like mad. It's not funny, although I suddenly got the urge to laugh hysterically, but stopped myself, because I didn't want to frighten Sam. Sweat was tripping from my nose, and I was seriously thinking of burning it all. The darn phone rang again, same as before, forgot to take it with me, but I couldn't have cared less who the caller was. If it's important they call again or leave a message. At least the dogs didn't have to go, I made sure of that. In the end I made a heap of my single spun on the floor, thank god we don't have cats, and plying resumed quite well.

I must say, I can't stand looking at the lilac yarn I've used for plying any longer. I still like it for knitting something, but no more plying. I should have enough for the hat soon (I hope). Want to start trying out some new stuff. The next plying will be done with two single hand spun. I also have to learn how to Navajo ply. I like the professional look of it. Even singles please my eyes more than the 2-ply does right now.

Anyway, here it is. The last time I was complaining, but this time I'm happy. I'm not where I want to be, but it's a good feeling. My camera rather focused on the green stuff, the pink just hurts our sensitive lenses. ;o)
Wish this would grow on trees, but then again, it wouldn't be that much fun would it!

Look what I found under the apple tree! Sam hiding in the shade. You can see his gimpy front legs in this picture. He looks like a dancer.

I'm finished knitting the shawl. Now to figure out how to paint it and where to block it. I think after this one, I'll go back to knitting from my numerous books and magazines. No sign of my spinning wheel yet. Hope it gets here soon. I don't want to spin the yarn for my shawl for Spun Stitches KAL on my spindles. I want it all in one ball. Want, want, want. I know. But that's how it is. Doesn't matter, there's no hurry and I've got a lot to practise still.

The Amy Butler "Chelsea bags" sewing pattern came in the mail today. Don't know when I'll get the sewing machine unpacked again. Those bags do look cute though.
The heat is slowing me down as well, and the pain in my right arm as well. I think I have to limit my knitting time, but I'm not sure I can do that, as long as I can hold the needles.
Now I go to clear the table, so I can spread out the shawl. Have to find brushes and keep your fingers crossed, that it will turn out well. If not, I'll overdye it. You'll see how it went, when you see it! ;o)
edited: I'm exhausted. I was up early, painted the shawl and blocked it. Now I'm ready for a nap. (Did other stuff in between). The shawl turned out as a surprise!


Anonymous said...

Wow - you are one very brave, talented woman!

I check your blog daily - and thoroughly enjoy reading all of it. Your knitting is gorgeous (puts mine to serious shame). Your dogs are, well, just plain old marvelous. The snow shovel as a toy did me in.

And now you're spinning. Sheesh. Amazing work. I have a spinning wheel I inherited from my grandfather. I'm intimidated by it! But maybe reading your inspiration, I'll take a class and give it a go.

Dina in KC, MO

Sue J. said...

Beautiful handspun! I, too, wish yarn would grow on trees. I'd plant a forest. That picture of Sam is so sweet. I see what you mean about his front legs. How fortunate he and Biko are to have such a loving home. Hope the pain in your arm goes away soon.

Larry said...

Your spinning progress is amazing. Just look at the difference? I'm looking forward to seeing the hat you're going to make with your yarn. It's gonna be wild!

sgeddes said...

Its good to see the spining get better and better! Looking forward to seeing the shawl and seeing you have a go at the wheel!

Teresa said...

WOW..that stuff is gorgeous! I love the hot pink and purple plied! 55 yards is pretty darned good too. If yarn grew on trees I would be a woods lady and live out in the middle on the forest.

hehe..your dog's legs look just like my cat's. My cat has tiny back legs that kinda turn out and his huge belly just flops over them. Your Sam is just beautiful though, he looks quite happy to be able to lounge all day. :D I'm excited to see what you're going to knit for spun stitches!

TracyKM said...

I love the idea of plying with a 'commercial' yarn! I sort of want to learn to spin...but I don't want to go through the learning bit (even though I generally LOVE learning things). I can't wait to see your hat.
Love your crabapple! I love mine too :)

Kirsten said...

That is such a cute doggie photo! He's looking up at you so lovingly.
Your handspun looks wonderful. I'm looking forward to hearing more about that amazing new wheel that you mentioned on the Spun Stitches blog! Yay you!!

eyeleen said...

excellent work with the spinning! Beautiful yarn!

Love the dog pictures, he's so, so cute!

Debi said...

I've had a busy few weeks so haven't visited blogs much but now that I am catching up, EVERYTHING here is beautiful! Your shawl, your yarn, your talented daughter's socks, your dying and especially your pups! :)

Violiknit said...

Great yarn! You're such a pro at spinning already!