Friday, March 02, 2007

Maybe a title will come to me - right now I got nothing!

It's unbelievable, but just for leaving a comment (hm, that gives me an idea) on Shannon's blog I got these beautiful stitch markers! Wow! Thank you so much, Shannon, you are very generous! Hope to see more pics of Shermann though! ;o)

It's with great sadness, that I have to say goodbye to my one and only pair of Koigu socks. Knit during summer 2006 and not worn before November 2006, that's what 100% merino wool socks look like. I did hand wash them gently, wore them maybe 10 times max, always with my Birkenstocks (hence the brown on the sole), never running around without shoes on. I'm disenchanted with 100% wool or merino wool sock yarn, even if the colorway is to die for, no more for me! I have socks which are years and years old, that look better than these. All the pilling from the very first wash and now this big hole on the heel. So sad! I still have some wonderful Koigu in my stash, but these skeins are destined for other things.

A progress picture of my cotton/rayon bag. It's coming along, I'm at the top now. Boy is this bag going to be huge! There will be not much left over yarn, which is very good! I can't imagine anything other than a bag, made with this yarn. It's so scratchy!

It's snowing outside and we have +2 degrees. Last night there was a snow storm, and since David had to go to University, it was up to Hannah and me to shovel the snow from our driveway. Back breaking! Especially since the snow plow left it compacted, and it's heavy, wet snow. Anyway, super workout, really! During the night, a storm was rattling our house. This morning, I found twigs all over our front yard and the steps looked glazed and very slippery. Sam and I were out the first ones, now it's snowing gently. We sit back, wait for the rest of the family to get up, sipping tea (well he's not, but I am).
Have a nice weekend!


sgeddes said...

Glad the stitch markers are okay.

I can't believe that those socks are so worn! I had two skeins of koigu saved back for socks. Now I'm going to find sometjhing else to use it for.

Anonymous said...

Oh No! I have a whole bunch of pure merino sock wool and I joined the STR club. The Travelers Stockings that I knit in Nov. with "Gloss" which is merino/silk are quickly looking worn and old - all pilled and fuzzy (no holes yet). Otherwise all my socks have been knit with durable reinforced sock yarn. So maybe this fingering merino will become gloves/mittens/scarves - doubled for hats? It takes too long to make socks to have them look like that after a few months of wear!!
My only hope is that some of this merino is spun super tightly and if knit at a tight gauge ...maybe just maybe???

hakucho said...

That's so sad about your socks :( They are too beautiful just to throw away! Have you ever tried darning socks? Even if it you can just revive them enough to wear around them the house? I have always darned my wool socks...not hand made socks. I find if you darn them as they are wearing thin it is a little easier.
Then as a last resort you can recyle them by felting them. I saw a piece on Martha Stewart

You are creative maybe you can come up with some other ideas...please don't just throw them away!! :)

happy knitting :)

sweetfigs said...

I'm surprised your Koigu socks pilled. I knit mine on 2mm/US #0, and don't have that concern.

Where I mess up is when I throw them in the washing machine and use different temps for the wash and the rinse water. The temperature change has caused a little shrinkage. :(

Otherwise, they still look beautiful.

Nanette said...

I avoid merino sock yarn. I have actually managed to get a hole in a pair of socks from some very expensive yarn the first time I wore them.

Violiknit said...

Sorry about those Koigu socks. I have 2 skeins in that same colorway in my stash, but after seeing your poor socks, I think I must find another use for them. I've often wondered about reinforcement yarn, but there are so many conflicting opinions on whether it really helps or not.

Elinor said...

Too bad about the Koigu socks!! I've been doing some postmortem yarn reviews on my blog - would you be interested in a how-do-they-wear KAL?