Friday, March 02, 2007

Later- the same day!

Both have their own favorite balls, and they keep me busy throwing them.

Here, Sam is still in the sun, but later he hides in the shade, way to hot for him today. (+2)

That's the way we play tennis around here.

Biko is trying to hypnotize the tennis ball, maybe it throws itself into the air?

Well, so far we had it all today. From freezing rain, to snow, wind, and sunshine! We had so much fun outside, I didn't want to go inside, but Biko and Sam where totally worn out. Unfortunately you can't hear it, but it's thawing and the ice coming down from all the branches make a ton of noise, but the nice kind of noise.
Anyway, that's it for today. Got to go outside and for a walk, as long as it is so beautiful weather!


Anonymous said...

Ha, jetzt weiss ich endlich wo all der Schnee geblieben ist, den wir dieses Jahr nicht hatten:Bei Dir! Bei uns schaut schon der Frühling um die Ecke und in den Läden kann man schon Tulpen und Primeln kaufen. Eigentlich schade, dass wir in der Schweiz so gar keinen Winter hatten.
LG hexli

Cecie said...

auf dem letzten bild sieht biko aus wie ein polarwolf - einfach irre!

ich kann auf schnee (und zwangsläufig den vielen matsch in berlin) gut verzichten, also habt ruhig weiterhin viel spass damit. ich kann gar nicht genug bilder von den weissen hunden im schnee haben!

lg & ein schönes, entspanntes woe,

meg said...

what great pics. they look so content out there. i love that sound, also. i never get to hear it down here but when i do i just sit really still and take it all in.

Anonymous said...

+2! That's not warm! Unless you're romping.

So cute!

And oh my. Lots of lovely knitting and those stitch markers are so cute!

Sue J. said...

What wonderful puppy pics of Sam and Biko. And some lovely knitting, too. I guess we got out of Wisconsin just in time. The whole Midwest is buried, and we have nothing here in Cody but sunshine, mild temps and wind.

Kris B said...

My car thermometer said it was 91F here today. It did feel hot but I thought it couldn't be right. The news confirmed it got that hot today. My poor dog's hair is shedding like crazy. If he could see the pictures of Sam and Biko, I'm sure he would be envious.

I haven't had a lot of luck using Koigu for sock yarn either. Mine slightly felted. I ended up giving one pair to my niece she has small feet. The other pair I still have. They are hard to get on and off but are wearable. The slight felting must have helped them stay together better because they haven't worn out as quickly as yours.

hakucho said...

Cute pictures ;)

It feels like spring here today - supposed to go up into the 50's. The little bit of snow we have won't last long :) I'm happy :)

Dave said...

What amazes me is how much they are panting in that cold snow! LOL