Thursday, November 16, 2006

I ask you: Where do you keep your WIP's?

This is actually my only work in progress right now. And I'm very proud of it! It's hard to resist the urge to cast on. I will not, however, until this blanket is done! So, right now I'm only lugging this basket around, wherever I go. Can you see that it is getting pretty empty? Only two more logs and the border to go! Yeah!
I have several cotton bags with exactly the right size for WIP's. This is just one of them.
Sam is obviously not a friend of my flashing camera. He's also not so sure about the lion and the lamb.
I love this basket. It was a gift basket, filled with all sorts of eclectic goodies. You can fold the handle, very practical.
One of my first attempt in felting. We all have to start somewhere, right, and learn from our mistakes.
These buckets are so cute (and the blue and the green one don't have those white streaks, it's just on the picture). You can not only keep your WIP's in them, but they are great for yarn stash storage as well.
And this is my handy sock knitting bag. I love it. It tangles ever so lightly from my wrist, whenever I'm on the move. It's good for exactly the materials for one pair of socks.

So, where do you keep your WIP's? Don't tell me you keep them in plain old stinking shopping bags?!


Anonymous said...

I've got 3 small cotton tote bags and 1 felted booga bag for socks/mittens. A purple tote bag decorated with puff paint by my daughter when she was 7 (she is now 22) for sweaters in progress. Another "environment" tote for bigger projects and 2 big old pocketbooks for any other WIP. My entire bedside table and floor beside my bed are covered with yarn/books/WIP too and a basket in the living room has always got something in it. WOW! didn't know I had so many!

Anonymous said...

PS - I really like the corally, pinky, orangey yarn in that red basket - looks like enough for something big??

Debi said...

Don't hate me but I only have 2 WIPs, socks and something bigger and they are both in clear plastic zippered tote bags with a little clear plastic "notions" bag inside.
Oh wait I do have the Canival Afghan in progress in my bedroom in the cardboard box the Shine came in from knitpicks :) Finishing thst afghan is my #1 priority once I finish holiday knitting! Then it's back down to two!

hakucho said...

Great question! Well, I have basically 3 bags I use. A small, medium and large. I'll have to make a post on my blog soon to show you....

Your blanket is really looking good...can't wait to see it finished!
Happy knitting :)

Carrie K said...

I really like that orange basket.

Two more logs and the border to go! Yay!

I keep my WIP's mostly in purses that I, pinky swear, did not buy for the projects living in them.

Happy Birthday! And I'm so happy to see Sam recuperating. He should totally have the run of the couch.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you keep all your WIPs! I keep mine in simple tote bags or if they are in time out I'll put them in a zip top bag.
Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're certainly very organized, I do admire you for that! I have a quite big wooden basket where I store my WIPs as well as yarn and everything else, and mind you, it gets pretty chaotic in there! I *love* the sock knitting bag's design by the way!

Anonymous said...

Nope, no grocery bags other than ones that contain WIP's that will never be FO's!

If I count only the WIP's I have from patterns or other people's designs, I only have 2. Both are in the same grass basket.

I refuse to acknowledge the other WIP's on the grounds that it may incriminate (or is that intimidate) me. LOL I too use wicker/grass baskets, cotton totes, leather bags/totes, vintage sewing caddies, and felted bags/baskets. (notice I didn't say how many of each I have lol) I also have 4 small bags I've made only for sock WIP's.

I've started making the WIP containers, cuz buying them was beginning to cutting into the yarn budget! LOL

meg said...

wow, so impressive. mine are in a plastic ziploc bag inside my ginormous bronze knitting bag. i got it at the gap before i started knitting and it's great for holding all my stuff. i'm a total mess when it comes to organizing it all.

what is that lovely coral/orange yarn in the red basket? i love it!