Monday, June 05, 2006

The Dulaan Project 2006! part 2

Well, it didn't take me ten days to fill a box, since I had some items already finished, but had no takers for them. So I made 6 hats and a scarf and my daughter made two scarves. My son fell out of the race early on. ;o) We have eight scarves, six hats and two Baby Blankets. Yeah! Anyway, I'll pack it up now and take it to the post office, so it will be sent to Mongolia for this coming winter.
I hope Sybille will not be mad at me for choosing her yarn for hats and a scarf. Actually my daughter chose her yarn, because it was bulky and plush and warm and ideal for this purpose. Three little Mongolian orphans will thank her for it, I'm sure.
So, now a spot of gardening and later I'll resume knitting my mom's sock at a leasurly pace. ;o)

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