Wednesday, June 07, 2006

As promised-pictures!

Well, this is the beginning of the first of two front door curtains.
The pattern is from Barbara Walker's "A second Treasury of Knitting Patterns" p. 248 "Snowflake Eyelet".
This yarn (stinks) does NOT smell pleasent. But it came with Woolwash Eucalan (no rinse wool wash), so I'll use it when I'm done.

Yeah, I know. It's not very lacey. I've tried out several different patterns and this was the one I liked most. I'm using Country Silk (bought at, 50% Silk/30% Wool/ 20% Nylon, one 250 gramms ball ( 875 yds). I love the color. All the shades are in the bricks of our house somewhere.
And of course it's not blocked yet (how could it be?) Didn't get very far with it yesterday. So, that's what I'm knitting instead of this ...

Mom's socks. (foot model my daughter Hannah)

She has smaller feet than my mom. But, can you see the hearts? This is my self dyed yarn. I like it very much. Thank god the socks are too small for my big feet, because I think I would keep them otherwise. ;o)

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