Friday, June 01, 2012

Handspun Friday - Brad & Angelina

This last round of FatCatKnits Fiber Club was themed Famous Couples. April installment was Brad & Angelina. I've chosen Polwarth/Tussah Silk blend as my fiber base. Lovely!

FCK Fiber Club Famous Couples-April 2012-Brad and Angelina on 85Polwarth15Tussah Silk-10oz

I've got 5oz of each colorway. The warm colorway is Brad, and the cold colorway is Angelina.

I decided to spin it as two ply for a shawl. This is Brad, 4oz, 435yds, 2ply. I took out the grey parts, and spun it as some kind of gradient.
FCK-Fiber Club Famous Couples-2012-April-Brad and Angelina-85Polwarth15Tussah Silk-4oz Brad-435yds-2-ply

FCK-Fiber Club Famous Couples-2012-April-Brad and Angelina-85Polwarth15Tussah Silk-4oz Brad-435yds-2-ply

This is Angelina: 517yds, 2ply
FCK-Fiber Club Famous Couples-2012-April-Brad and Angelina-85Polwarth15Tussah-Angelina 517yds-2ply

 FCK-Fiber Club Famous Couples-2012-April-Brad and Angelina-85Polwarth15Tussah-total of 952yds

Brad & Angelina FatCatKnits April Fiber Club

I'm maybe halfway through with knitting this shawl. It's Cameo by Paulina Popiolek. She's got several nice shawl designs. The knitting on this shawl is on hold right now. Two days ago, I've got another Stephen West test knit (shawl), which I'm working on right now, and today we'll get the first clue for the TTL Mystery Shawl KAL as well.
Busy, busy!

♥ ♥ ♥

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

FYI: Do you remember the story about the "bagel tree"? Yesterday, Denny was circling the young trees in our backyard, with his nose up in the air. I don't want him to bother the local wildlife, so I went to investigate. I thought he might have found a bird's nest in one of those trees, but as I was looking closely, I found an English Muffin, half eaten stuck into a branch fork. I took it out of the tree, and rewarded him with a treat for finding it. I sure would like to know the source of these carby "treats" turning up in our garden via squirrels, which is on a regular basis. It's just that I find pieces often before the dogs do, and remove them.

Happy being happy!
May 15-Happy

Maggie waiting for me to play with her.

Denny, watching our house guests from far.
May 15-Denny


Wanderingcatstudio said...

i love that you have a "carb" tree - too funny! But who is getting their breakfast stolen?

Virginia G said...

Loving the Brad & Angelina.

And the bagel tree cracks me up so much. Heh. I'd love to learn the full story of that one (who is having their carbs stolen, and why aren't they doing anything to stop it?)

Anonymous said...

Love the color of the Angelina. I can hardly wait to see the shawl!

2paw said...

How funny that they have famous couple wool!!! I'd like Solo and Kuryakin!!
The pups all look so well and ready for Summer. That's a great tree you have there, I know two Labradors who would love a carb tree too!!

monica said...

Are you sure that Denny isn't the one putting bread in the tree??

You always spin such lovely yarn!

savannahchik said...

Cameo is going to look beautiful in those colors! Now I need to add that pattern to my faves :)