Monday, June 18, 2012


It warms my heart, when strangers are concerned by the lack of new blog posts! Thank you so much! Last week was a little hectic all around, and I just could not muster the will to write and post a new blog post. But fear not, I'm still here, I'm well, and I have lots to show!

Lets start with my latest finished object, the Cameo shawl.
handspun Cameo

It's knit with my handspun yarn, called Brad (golden brown) & Angelina (blue), which I've shown you earlier.

handspun Cameo

I had to add a few more rows of the lace part, because I wanted to use most of Brad's yarn, to get to the lighter part for the picot edge. In the end I still had to break the yarn and remove some of the golden part, to get the lightest yarn for the edge.

handspun Cameo

I love how it turned out.

handspun Cameo

handspun Cameo

handspun Cameo

I've also finished TTL Mystery Shawl Summer 2012 clue# 3:
TTL Mystery Shawl 2012-clue # 3
Not much to see, but it's some leaf lace pattern. I can't wait to finish this shawl and block it, to see how it looks. I like the color very much, but it's still going to be a gift.

And I know I've shown a similar photo of Denny before, but he's been doing this sleeping on his shawl thing, or other wooly blankets a lot lately. Must be the combination of being wet a lot, and the A/C in the house.
June 15-Denny and his shawl

Denny is cold after swimming

Well, that's it for today. Must go, lots to do.
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2paw said...

I have never much cared for Brad and Angelina until now : they look gorgeous together and I love the unusual shape of the shawl. Things are slightly hectic here too!!
I love that Denny looks ever so slightly worried. he's lucky to have so many hand knits!!

dillpickle said...

Cameo is marvelous :-)

Glad to hear your absence was life related and not something bad. Keep well.

cauchy09 said...

your Cameo shawl just makes me spew expletives of joy!

Sarah said...

Wow, your shawl is stunning! I love the two colors together and am kicking myself for not joining the FCK club when I had the chance... next time! This one is going in my queue.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Cameo is beautiful - looks like it's a nice size too.
The mystery shawl is coming along well - I like the colour more everytime I see it.
Denny is adorable! He looks so sweet and innocent!

juniperjune said...

wow, gorgeous!!

monica said...

That shawl is absolutely gorgeous!! Denny looks so cuddly. That shawl would look very nice on him! :)

Unknown said...

Cameo looks so lovely!

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad you're back!

I love the B&A shawl too. Lovely.


Crochet with Raymond said...

what a gorgeous shawl! i love how you have blended the colours, just beautiful :OD

wanderrast said...

Die passen traumhaft schön zueinander, der shawl passt sich deinen Farben an. Gefällt mir total gut.
Liebe Grüße zu dir Elfi

Walden said...

Absolutely love how the Cameo shawl turned out!

Denny is just too adorable!

Christine said...

I love the combination of colors you used in your shawl. Just lovely. You will enjoy wearing it.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

i love that shawl monika! such beautiful colours!

Friederike Shepherd said...

Brad and Angelina, what a beautiful shawl they make together. And Denny, that look on his face, you can see those thinking wheels turning. He is precious.
Gruesze aus Indiana

Mr. Puffy said...

Fabulous shawl ~ love the color, texture and picot edging ~ love it all :) I'm more "into" texture knits like this shawl than open lacework these, not sure why.

I'm curious what you are sooo busy with? I can't seem to get anything done these days but read ~ kisses for Denny ~ maybe he just enjoys a security blanket?

wolltrunken said...

Oh wow - der Cameo ist einfach so wunder-wunder-wunderbar geworden!

Ich wuensche Dir eine erholsame Blogpause und einen tollen Sommer mit Deinen Fellnasen!

Liebe Gruesse

von Birgit