Friday, March 16, 2012

Handspun Friday - semi solids continued

I've managed to finish another batch of FatCatKnits Semi Solids. I really enjoy spinning them in between other projects.

Here's a bobbin shot: each bobbin holds 2oz of one colorway

FCK-semi solids-Falkland-3rd batch

from left to right: Ash Beige, Smoke, Taupe, Sienna, Chestnut, Colombian Roast, Walnut.

FCK-semi solids-Falkland-3rd batch

They are chain plied.

FCK-semi solids-Falkland-3rd batch

And here they are on the shelf. 21 colorways done, only 33 more to go.
FatCatKnits Semi Solids

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

March 1-Maggie

Maggie in the evening, watching me spin.



Christine65 said...

This is what I aspire to with my own spinning - they look fabulous. I also aspire to having a dog that sits and watches me spin without trying to steal my 'fluff' off my lap (which is what Jess, my labrador does).

minxxy said...

That shelf is inspirational and I must confess to spinning/roving/yarn envy.. Simple lovely

knottygnome said...

just beautiful! i love seeing them all together.

Anne P said...

I always love to come by and see what you've been spinning up! GORGEOUS as usual!

Pat said...

That top shelf is looking prettier and prettier!

Sharon said...

Your new stash is so impressive and so beautiful that I'm thinking about braving the cold downstairs to sit at my wheel!

dclulu on Ravelry said...

Wow, those are stunning -- especially next to each other! Love the yarn you spin.

Bea said...

wunderschöne Farben, die danach schreien, zu FI verarbeitet zu werden :-)

Grüßle, die Bea

Toby said...

I don't think you ever need to knit these up. Just keep them as skeins and arrange them for different photo opportunities to share with your blog readers.

They are stunning. I don't think anyone would ever tire of seeing photos of them.

Diana said...

Such gorgeous colors Monica :)) I am having yarn envy too, as some others who left comments ;-))

Cambria said...

wow! look at the dent you put in your fiber stash, lol. congrats :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Can't wait to see what you knit with all these.

Maggie looks like she wants you to go outside and play Nerf!

Walden said...

Your spinning project is looking wonderful! Maggie is just too cute!

2paw said...

I don't know how you ever get any spinning done at all with Miss Maggie looking so sweet and cute!! The wool looks so soft and squishy, well done on your excellent effort so far!!