Monday, June 27, 2011

June 2011 socks

My private sock club socks for June are done! Have been for some time now. It was really hard to finish them. All of a sudden I almost could not muster the will to do the color work on the second sock. Serious second sock syndrome had befallen me, but I clenched my teeth, and finished them anyway. Need a break form color work for the next socks. (by the time I'm casting on for the July socks, I might have changed my mind), but I DO love them!

June socks
There's no pattern for these. I found the color work chart in the book "Estonian sock patterns all around the world" on page 79. I just made the socks up as I knit the first one, and it's easy to work the second, when you have stripes like that.

June socks

I love knitting socks with Wandering Cat Yarns Tabby Cat (the store is open again, I just realized)! It feels nice to me, even though it's not really that soft, and the colors are just wonderful.
June socks

I'm looking forward to colder weather so I can wear them.
June socks

Yesterday evening, I took the dogs out one by one, just before it got dark, and took some pictures.
First out was Happy, he was already crossing his legs, desperate to GO. He's such a sweetheart, sitting pretty for me.
June 26

Then came Maggie, she looks, and acts like a deer, so skittish. One moment she was here, the next she was gone.
June 26

Denny was last, but he was always on the move, and would not stand still for a photo. But I took this photo earlier, him being a hog again, and taking away the toys, leaving Happy looking confused and sad.
June 26

There's lots going on here right now. I'm test knitting something secret, for a Mystery KAL, and I can't show anything until the KAL is over. I've finished my Through The Loops shawl for the Summer of Shawls KAL today, and it's blocking right now. Oh how I dislike blocking!
I've got a lot of cleaning to do over the next few days. I've selected my fiber for Tour de Fleece, all FatCatKnits fiber of course. I'll show a picture of it next blog post.

It's my DD Hannah's birthday tomorrow, but I need to catch her on the phone tonight, since it will be tomorrow in Sydney later today (I know, I'm just starting to get the time difference). Happy Birthday, Sweetie! (she does read here now and then)



Beverly said...

Lovely combination. They will look great this winter.

The dog photos are nice. You have a beautiful yard.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Wow. WOW! To say I love those socks is an understatement. I always love your socks, but this is my very favorite pair. Everything about them is just gorgeous.

Love the puppy pictures. You have such a good looking gang.

Walden said...

Lovely socks! Very Christmas. Happy Birthday to Hannah!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I was wondering how long it would take you to notice it was open.... love the socks. The pups are all so pretty!

Nanette said...

I love that green color so much! Great socks!

Unknown said...

Your socks came out lovely, and I find that all the really pretty colors are in yarn that is not so soft. Anyway, who needs soft yarn for socks when hard yarn lasts longer.

Your pups are growing up so nicely. And that Denny, he should have his own comedy show!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

MAGNIFICENT socks. What a knitter you are. It is so - perfect.

The colour work is glorious.
I'm jealous.

Nova kids9 said...

Love the color combination of the socks! Jewel is the same with rawhides - she takes hers and Maggie's all the time!

BeatrixB said...

they look great! btw. I just got my first spinning wheel - so I am stalking your blog for fiber suppliers and stuff :D

wanderrast said...

Liebe Monika!
wieder eine gelungene Farbenkombi!
Du hast ein gutes Auge dafür!
liebe Grüße Elfi

Virginia G said...

Maggie is so big!

The dogs are so awesome.

And I love the socks.

Linda said...

Super-looking socks!

Bea said...

Die Socken gefallen mir sehr gut.

Grüßle, die Bea