Friday, June 03, 2011

Handspun Friday - Green Tea

I just finished this yarn yesterday. It was so windy, it dried in record time after its bath.
This is Perendale fiber from Southern Cross Fiber shop update, 4oz.
SCF-shop update-Perendale Carded Roving-Green Tea

When I saw this fiber in the shop, I really wanted to try it; I've never heard of this Perendale (from New Zealand) before. Well, I've got to say, it will be a one time experience for me. I haven't pre drafted my fiber in a long time. I used to think it's necessary before spinning, but it's not. This however needed it desperately. It's rough fiber too, not for next to skin, not for me anyway. The colorway however is just gorgeous. The shades of green, so pretty, I really like it a lot. I'd like to get it on a different fiber some day. I have no idea what I'm going to knit out of this scratchy lot.

SCF Perendale carded roving from shop update-110gr-282yds-chain plied
I've got 282yds, chain plied out of it.

SCF Perendale carded roving from shop update-110gr-282yds-chain plied
Plus it's a little over twisted. Not even the bath got it all out. The last two photos show the true color.
In other news. We didn't get Maggie to be x-rayed after all. She did not limp all week, not even a little bit, and needed no medication. Thursday morning we decided to call it off. We can always do it, if she's limping again, but for now she's like her old self, a pup full of energy, wanting to get it all out. Running like a lunatic, jumping, and by accident, swimming also. She fell in the pool again. I didn't see how it happened, because I was just picking up the hose, when I heard a splash, but Denny was chasing her, so he might have something to do with it, or not, she's very clumsy too.

So, the other day was lovely, after days of rain, it was finally just cloudy, and a little sunny. I took that opportunity to sit on the deck for my afternoon tea.
Maggie was there.
Happy was there too, still being Nanny to her.
Denny, who shall be called Peeping Tom from now on, was there too, watching the neighbors daughter sunbathing. He stood there at least for 15 minutes, without moving a muscle. I don't know what's so fascinating, but he sure was interested.
As I said, I was there having my afternoon tea. I really wanted something sweet to go with it, but didn't even have sugar to bake something. The only thing I had was a very ripe banana, so I made myself a Banana/Almond milk smoothie. Does it go well with tea? Not really.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



momsue84 said...

LOL! Denny is quite the man!! Glad Maggie is ok. Seriously, you should write a book about your three adventurers.

faith76 said...

Love the colours in the yarn. Your right it does look itchy - you could make a scarf - outerwere so not against skin :)

Have a lovely sunny weekend.

Leah x

2paw said...

I am so pleased Maggie is well and poor thing, falling in the pool again!! Happy is looking after her so well. That Denny, he's wicked, being a Peeping Tom!!
It is a very pretty green though.
I can't have milk in my tea anymore, it just tastes wrong!! Looks like beautiful weather for sitting outside !!

monica said...

Your handspun is so pretty! Denny is hilarious.

Susan said...

LOL, what a goof that Denny is! I'm glad to hear that Maggie stopped limping. Hopefully she just pulled something running with the boys.

I haven't spun Perendale so I was very interested to hear your comments. Do you think it would have made a difference to spin it with less twist or do you think the roving was just not a great choice?

Carrie#K said...

I'm glad that Maggie stopped limping, she sounds like she's well.

Denny is a hound dog! LOL!

That green tea yarn looks lovely.

Catherine said...

I can't think what you might knit with this but the colour is fabulous

Rachelle said...

Like most wools there is good Perendale and not-so-good. It's not Merino soft, but being a medium wool is good for the next layer from next to skin.
I've spun some delicious Perendale and Romney and have used this type of wool for jerseys and would also use it for socks too. I usually either get mine from a local farmer (who has sheep especially for fibre) or from a local indie-dyer who does a wonderful job

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That is a gorgeous green!

Bea said...

Wolle, die zu kratzig ist um sie auf der Haut zu tragen gibt wunderschöne Strickfilztaschen.
Stell dir zu deinem Grün weiße Margeriten mit ihrem gelben Inneren auf einer Tasche vor.
Entweder eingestrickt oder aufgenäht.

Grüßle, die Bea

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

That Denny cracks me up - LOL I think perhaps he was admiring her ;) Or maybe he thinks they look like they are having more fun over there - LOL I would love to know what he was thinking!

Good news about Maggie ~ but sorry to hear about your scratchy (but pretty) yarn. Maybe you could make a pretty table runner?

Virginia G said...

Love, love, LOVE the pups. They always make me smile.

As for the scratchy yarn, maybe slippers? A tea cozy?

Unknown said...

Too bad your new yarn isn't soft because the color is wonderful. I'm in love with green for now.

That Denny is macho man! He knows where the cute chicks are. LOL